Don’t We Make Beautiful Children Together?

Don’t We Make Beautiful Children Together?

Last night Pete and I had a “Date”. We try to do this every other week or so. Last night we went to Dave & Buster’s, then we went to the worst movie ever made. After we ate at Dave & Buster’s we played in the arcade. While he was beating me at air hockey I smiled all big at him and told him he has fulfilled one of my dream dates. LOL When I was little The Karate Kid was one of my favorite movies of all time. I watched it over and over. My favorite part was when Danielson and Ali went to the arcade and I always dreamed of going on a date at the arcade. LOL We spotted this booth that will take your pictures and create you future child. We did it twice, once for a son and once for a daughter. Our son is cuter, I think he got my chin and my cheeks! It will be neat to hold on to these pictures and see if our future kids resemble them!

After dinner and playing we went to see Silent Hill…..Run, do not walk away from this movie, don’t pay to see it, don’t rent it, don’t netflix it, don’t even watch it on a free preview weekend of HBO! Every seat in the theatre was sold and we were trapped in the middle of the row or we would have left. Everyone around us was talking about how awful it was. I can’t think of a movie I hated more……EVER!


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