Long Time It’s been a week since I posted. No wo…

Long Time

It’s been a week since I posted. No wonder no one reads my blog. LOL Sorry. Last weekend we wonderful. Friday night Laura and Brandon came over for steak on the grill. Saturday Crystal and I went to get pedicures. I am just so glad to have her as a friend. We were best friends in High school, then lost touch when she married a jerkface guy when we were 21 or so. When she got pregnant we hooked back up and it’s like we never stopped being friends. That is when you know you have a true friend.

Saturday night Laura went out and Brandon came back over for dinner. After my sister beat up some girl and got kicked out of the Have a Nice Day Cafe I went down town and picked her up. Laura and Brandon ended up spending the night. We had a HUGE bon fire out back too! So much fun! Sunday Lauren came over and we did yard work and washed the car. We had a great time. We also watched a movie on lifetime, even at the young age of 13 Lauren can appreciate the greatness of a lifetime movie! Monday I cleaned up from the weekend and washed some clothes, nothing special. Then Tuesday I went food shopping and did some food prep. I am having a mini party tonight. Nikki and Ryleah, Crystal and Dakoda & Laura and Brandon are joining Pete and I for dinner tonight! I am exited. We are going to cook on the grill and enjoy our outside before the weather turns hot and sticky and the bugs attack!


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