Birthday Goodies I got so many great Birthday Pre…

Birthday Goodies

I got so many great Birthday Presents this year. My best gift of course was Shannon’s visit. I also got a gold chain from my Dad, scene it the Disney version from my sister and Brother in Law, along with a Disney CD and a Pretty purple Drink pitcher, I received my Mickey flowers from Pete along with two new purses and the trip to Atlantic City, I got a great surprise delivery from Susan, it included the best pen ever, a little lamp and a sparkley little butterfly, also in the box was a card that almost made me cry, Susan is a great girl! Shannon brought with her awesome goodies, She brought the coolest thing to hang your purse from the table at recurrent, a Lamp Berger (LOVE IT) and a hand painted flip flop to hang in my Bathroom along with a great sign about friends. She is the best, I love her so much! I have a package en route from Lisanne, that I am soo excited about. I also got lots of great cards and well wishes! I am sad to see my Birthday end and to think it won’t be here for another year! Here are a few pictures of my Favorite Gifts. The Lamp Berger is shown here in blue, but of course mine is Purple!


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