Bountiful Birthday Pete and I were driving home f…

Bountiful Birthday

Pete and I were driving home from work today and I said “Oh I hope my package didn’t get wet!” (it rained today here) and pete said “What Package?” I said “My Birthday Package from Lisanne, I have been tracking it and it was left this morning.” he replyed, with a stuck out lip “My Friends never send me packages, you are always getting mail!” I replyed “Well mybe if you sent packages to them, or how about those cards you are always making fun of me for, then maybe they will show you some love!” LOL So I open up my package that was on the prch and dry as a bone and it was full of awesome birthday surprises! All from LUSH. I got a Blackberry Bath Bomb(I am running Bathwater right now to use this one!), A Sakura Bath Bomb, A Gratuious Violets Bar of Soap, a Bathos Bubble Bar, a Something Wicked This Way Come Bath Melt and a free sample of Figs and Leaves Soap & 17 Cherry Tree Lane Soap! Isn’t this great! Thank you Lisanne, so very much! Lisanne is the only person I know who loves Baths more then me!


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