When I Grow Up…… I always think "When I grew …

When I Grow Up……

I always think “When I grew up I wanna do this or wanna be this”. This morning I realized I am a grown up. LOL July will mark 10 years in my current profession. Isn’t that weird? I have a career. One that pays well, One that I know a lot about. It is weird to me. I used to just think of it as a job. I think back to when I started working for a Title Company, I thought it had to do with car titles, I didn’t even realize houses had titles. I remember calling out sick every time I was hung over, I remember taking weeks off with Nikki to go to the Beach. The people I worked for would be so surprised that I am not the pain in the ass kid any more. I NEVER call out sick, I plan my vacation days around my work load, I am responsible. Not that I wasn’t before, but I was 18 or 20 years old. There is a girl here at work who is 19 and it cracks me up the way she loves work. She is the receptionist, and she skips all over the office and thinks of work still as a luxury instead of a necessity. It makes me smile when I think back 10 years ago, when that was me!


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