STILL MISSING On July 20, 2002 Michelle Rust went…


On July 20, 2002 Michelle Rust went missing. She was driving to the store to get stuff for her Son’s Birthday Party. She disappeared! Her van was found right in my neighborhood, with signs of foul play, but she or her body (god forbid) was never found. I went to High School with Michelle, we weren’t close, but we were friendly. In College we shared a few classes also. We talked and I knew she loved her little boy with all of her heart. I just can not see her driving away from him. I know something bad happened. I wish that there was more news coverage. I wish they would have found her. There is still one of the missing persons signs on a pole and I see it every day on my way to work. I say a little prayer for her and her little boy who is now turning 7 years old. I can not believe it has been 4 years! It makes me mad that she never got national coverage. I hope unsolved mysteries or without a trace or one of those shows figure out what happened! Here is an article about it. Here is another. This on has a lot of pictures. THIS ONE here gives the most information!

HOW CUTE This was taken yesterday!


This was taken yesterday!

Lunch ……… Baby Today I went to have lunch a…

Lunch ……… Baby

Today I went to have lunch at my friend Jodi’s. She started baby sitting for Nikki on Monday. Ryleah is growing up so fast. Look how pretty she is. I love her so much. So much more then I thought I would love a baby that was not mine. I think about her all the time. I had a great time. I wish I could spend every day with her. I hate that Nikki moved so far away!

Stuff Well I have been a busy girl. I am getting…


Well I have been a busy girl. I am getting ready for a mini vacation. Heading to OC (that’s Ocean City, MD for those of you who are not natives to this part of the country). I got a few new items of clothes, I haven’t bought any all season. I got these Jeans, How cute are they! I think with a fushia tee shirt that would look sooo cute. Good thing I bought a new fushia tee shirt too. LOL

I have a few extra dollars to spend on clothes since my sister and I finally sold my mom’s car. Just to my cousin and for really cheap, we each got $300. It is good, a few extra dollars for vacation. I keep calling it vacation, it is just Saturday, Sunday & Monday…LOL. Pete and I are talking Lauren with us on Saturday, then my dad and sister are coming down on Sunday. I wish I could stay later then Monday, but work calls. Work always calls. I am so damn busy! I love my job though and I am making good bonuses!

Pete is going to be taking part 2 of 4 of his national boards in September. I am so happy for him. I can not wait until he is practicing full time. He really should be doing what he loves.

TGIF Well it’s Friday, Thank God! This week my O…


Well it’s Friday, Thank God! This week my Office moved locations and we have been with out internet half the week. We are back up and running strong now. With the new desk set up I will have to be sneakier about posting from work. I just NEVER get online at home anymore. I miss the hours of IM conversations I had sometimes. Like Lisanne and I would chat for hours and hours, now she has an adorable little boy and a baby on the way and I am busy at night and we just don’t get to chat as much as I would like. I miss her! 🙂 I am really happy with my life right now and my job and all so that is good. Next weekend we are heading down the Ocean. I can’t wait. It is just for a long weekend, but I do want to squeeze in a visit with my aunt in there. Susan taged me to list five (Sorry no Picures)


1. Check Book
2. Lip Stick
3. Pay Check Stubs
4. My Purse Hanger for use when out to eat
5. a Sparkly great pen from Susan


1. Kool Aid
2. OLD leftovers
3. Lip Sticks (like 12 of them)
4. Pickles
5. Cool Whip


1. Lipstick (see a trend)
2. Cell Phone Charge
3. Natary Stamp
4. Disney Mug
5. Pictures

Foodie Chickie

I just found out I love Mango….give it a shot!

FOREVER and WORK It has been forever since I have…


It has been forever since I have posted. Nothing big has happened. I have just really been super busy at work. Crazy Busy! I been working from 8:30ish til 8pm and I am beat! I do like my job though, I am soooo glad Pete pushed me to finally take one of the Job’s I had been interviewing for. My boss is nice to me (such a change from my last job and the witch that was in charge there). He wants to send me to classes ($$$) and have me get my license. I am excited about that. He also has a great pay system in place. I make a decent salary, about the same (if not a bit more) then my last job, but on top of that I get a $50 bonus for every one of “my” files that close. We close about 50 or so a month and half are mine! Not too shabby if I do say so myself! They also pay for my health insurance 100%, I was putting out almost $200 a month at my last job.

I just woke up, I never sleep this late anymore, I think the week is catching up to me!