TGIF Well it’s Friday, Thank God! This week my O…


Well it’s Friday, Thank God! This week my Office moved locations and we have been with out internet half the week. We are back up and running strong now. With the new desk set up I will have to be sneakier about posting from work. I just NEVER get online at home anymore. I miss the hours of IM conversations I had sometimes. Like Lisanne and I would chat for hours and hours, now she has an adorable little boy and a baby on the way and I am busy at night and we just don’t get to chat as much as I would like. I miss her! 🙂 I am really happy with my life right now and my job and all so that is good. Next weekend we are heading down the Ocean. I can’t wait. It is just for a long weekend, but I do want to squeeze in a visit with my aunt in there. Susan taged me to list five (Sorry no Picures)


1. Check Book
2. Lip Stick
3. Pay Check Stubs
4. My Purse Hanger for use when out to eat
5. a Sparkly great pen from Susan


1. Kool Aid
2. OLD leftovers
3. Lip Sticks (like 12 of them)
4. Pickles
5. Cool Whip


1. Lipstick (see a trend)
2. Cell Phone Charge
3. Natary Stamp
4. Disney Mug
5. Pictures


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