Stuff Well I have been a busy girl. I am getting…


Well I have been a busy girl. I am getting ready for a mini vacation. Heading to OC (that’s Ocean City, MD for those of you who are not natives to this part of the country). I got a few new items of clothes, I haven’t bought any all season. I got these Jeans, How cute are they! I think with a fushia tee shirt that would look sooo cute. Good thing I bought a new fushia tee shirt too. LOL

I have a few extra dollars to spend on clothes since my sister and I finally sold my mom’s car. Just to my cousin and for really cheap, we each got $300. It is good, a few extra dollars for vacation. I keep calling it vacation, it is just Saturday, Sunday & Monday…LOL. Pete and I are talking Lauren with us on Saturday, then my dad and sister are coming down on Sunday. I wish I could stay later then Monday, but work calls. Work always calls. I am so damn busy! I love my job though and I am making good bonuses!

Pete is going to be taking part 2 of 4 of his national boards in September. I am so happy for him. I can not wait until he is practicing full time. He really should be doing what he loves.


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