STILL MISSING On July 20, 2002 Michelle Rust went…


On July 20, 2002 Michelle Rust went missing. She was driving to the store to get stuff for her Son’s Birthday Party. She disappeared! Her van was found right in my neighborhood, with signs of foul play, but she or her body (god forbid) was never found. I went to High School with Michelle, we weren’t close, but we were friendly. In College we shared a few classes also. We talked and I knew she loved her little boy with all of her heart. I just can not see her driving away from him. I know something bad happened. I wish that there was more news coverage. I wish they would have found her. There is still one of the missing persons signs on a pole and I see it every day on my way to work. I say a little prayer for her and her little boy who is now turning 7 years old. I can not believe it has been 4 years! It makes me mad that she never got national coverage. I hope unsolved mysteries or without a trace or one of those shows figure out what happened! Here is an article about it. Here is another. This on has a lot of pictures. THIS ONE here gives the most information!


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