Walt Disney World

I am so excited. Last week I was going through Disney World With Draws, you Disney lovers (Ani) know what I mean. I requested a quote from The Magic For Lessfor a mini vacation. 5 nights, 4 park days, two travel days, in the Value season. When Jessica (my travel agent of choice) emailed me back the deal was great, we are talking less then $700 per person including Food, Hotel, transportation from Airport to Hotel & Back and Park admission. So I Thought real hard and drafted an email to Pete asking him if he would go with me. Now he has told me time and time again he had no interest in Disney World (atleast until he had kids), so I had also thought up a back up plan of getting my friend Crystal and Dakoda to go. He would be free everywhere since he is only two. Well Pete surprised when he wrote this back “I would be honored to accompany you to the Magic Kingdom, since it is your favorite place in the world”. Well I almost fell off my chair. A. He agreed to go & B. He called it the “Magic Kingdom” instead if “Disneyland”. I have been correcting him for years as to the difference of Disneyland (California) and Disney World (Florida). He learned (or picked up on) all on his own I guess that the Magic Kingdom was in the Florida parks. So I am excited beyond belief! We are going February 1-6. I prefer January, but we are going to Arizona this year for Christmas and the week after so January was pushing it. I have been in February before and loved it, nice and cool, low crowds etc. Now I am budgeting like a mad women to afford this trip. Arizona is going to take us for a pretty penny and the Disney trip needs to be paid in full before Christmas. I can do it though. I know I can. Then I can save spending money all of January after Christmas and Arizona are over.

Guess Where We Are Going???

Wonderful Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday Crystal and I went up to Nikki’s house in PA. It was a good day. We went to eat and the kids played and we looked through all these old funny pictures from our wild days. We did actually have some, parties, drinking, etc. It was fun to remember! Here is a Video of Dakoda giving us the eyes and some pictures of the kids:

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Isn’t Ryleah sooo pretty?

Dakoda is getting so big and is so mischevious!

If your Happy and you know it clap your hands!

Something was so funny!

Look at the way she is looking up at him, sooo cute!

With this ring………. Ok Ok , I am not enga…

With this ring……….

Ok Ok , I am not engaged or married. My sister and I were sorting through things of my mom’s and we found her jewlery box. We split up the stuff evenly and I found these BEAUTIFUL RINGS! They were my Great Grandmothers wedding set from her first marriage to my Grandmother’s father. I never met him because he died when my grandmother was only 3. I did know and love my grandmother’s step father though! SO anyways we found these dirty grimy old rings and I set to cleaning them up. I did a pretty good job and I love them! LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I am trying to talk Pete into using them when we get married. He isn’t sure and wants to buy me my own new rings, but I worry if they will ever be as pretty! I would like to replace the diamond with a princess cut stone, and then it would truly be the perfect ring!

Harper’s Ferry This weekend has been a very full …

Harper’s Ferry

This weekend has been a very full one! We went to the movies, we saw the Desent and it scared the bejeasus our of me. We also went to the mall, Walmart, Target, The eye doctor, out to dinner and to Harper’s Ferry, WV. My cousin lives there and it is only about an hour drive from Baltimore. We had great ribs and frozen custard a few blocks from the water and we walked around and checked things out, Pete has never been to WV. It was fun just being together. We do so much talking while driving in the car! My dad thanks it’s nuts we commute together because it is a bit out of my way, but we do it because we like the 10 minutes or so we have in the mornings and afternoons to just talk. You can’t do much else in the car and there are no distractions. but anyways it was all in all a good weekend, but now I am tired! LOL Here are some pictures:

This week has been NUTS! All this week it has bee…

This week has been NUTS!

All this week it has been crazy at work. Which is a good thing since the busier we are the bigger my paycheck it! I just don’t have much down time at work to post and my computer is wonky at home right now until out phone lines get fixed. Although I am kinda liking not having the phone ring all the time. LOL

Weekend Shower This Weekend we went to New Jersey…

Weekend Shower

This Weekend we went to New Jersey for a Baby shower for Pete’s friends E & K. They just adopted a sweet Baby Girl. Well actually like 2 months ago. She is beautiful. I can’t post any pictures of her until the adoption is final. Weird rules, but hey!

They have suffered infertility for 4 years, this is a dream come true for them. They got so many great gifts. I am jealous, I want a shower, I have planned so many of them and attended so many of them in the past two years, I want a turn! We had a great weekend though, it is good to visit friends! For the shower one of the gifts K’s mom got her was a Cabagge Patch Kid. K wants to go through the “Adoption” process of the CPK with J when she is 4 or so. K thinks it will be great to have her learn about adoption since adoption brought this great little girl to E & K’s family’s.

Here are some other pictures from the shower, this is Pete’s namesake and godson, Reese. He is getting SO very big! He was a tiny baby when he was born, just over 5 pounds. He is very expresive and seems to like Pete right well! I love the look on his little face in the picture of them together. Every time I see Pete around kids the alarm on my biological (alarm) clock goes off. I can’t wait tosee him with our kids! I know he will be great!

Happy Birthday…..Again! Last night we went to L…

Happy Birthday…..Again!

Last night we went to Laura’s for Pete’s Birthday Celebration! He enjoyed dinner and loved his surprise cake. I had called him mom earlier in the week and I got the recipe for “Aunt Elenore’s Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing”. I brought it out and he was sooo surprised! Check it out!

The Big 3-0 Today is Pete’s 30th Birthday! I can…

The Big 3-0

Today is Pete’s 30th Birthday! I can’t believe I am going out with a 30 year old. LOL This morning I got up early and fixed him pancakes and sausage. After Breakfast he got to open his gifts. One of his gifts was the new sofa, he also got speakers for his ipod for work, a paper shredder and I made and framed the picture that is below. I worked so long and hard on it! He loved everything.

Tonight we are going to Laura’s for dinner. I went over last night and cooked up a great big batch of Chicken and Dumplins. YUM!

Happy Birthday Shannon Happy Birthday to you, Hap…

Happy Birthday Shannon

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Shann-on, Happy Birthday to you! Today Shannon turns 33! I wanna wish a very Happy Birthday to the bestest Friend in the whole world! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you! Go give her your good wishes!

New Sofa So my sister moved over the weekend and …

New Sofa

So my sister moved over the weekend and with her went a lot of my furniture, well technically my Mom’s furniture. So I am in redo mode. Currently I have a dining room, Kitchen, “Formal (waste of space) living room” and a family room. I decided to do some flip flopping and we are making the old “Formal Living Room’ the new family room and making the old family room the new Office. My office shares space with the guest room now. The sofa in the formal living room went to live at Laura’s new house, so we got a new one for the NEW family room last night. It’s a Lazy Boy. It’s name is Conrad and we love it! It comes home tonight, so we have to start painting and getting the old formal living room/new family room ready for him!

Vacation Update Ok so like over a week ago I got …

Vacation Update

Ok so like over a week ago I got home from the Ocean and I haven’t shared any pictures or updates about my wonderful Mini Vacation! We had a fabulous time. Pete, Lauren and I went down to Ocean City on Saturday then on Sunday Laura and my Dad came down. It was fun. Saturday we drove to Rehoboth Beach. It is the Beach town where we had our summer home while I was growing up. So much has changed, it amazes me. Lauren and I had a ball at the beach on Sunday.
Sunday night we got cleaned up and went to Harborside Bar & Grill for drinks and dinner! The Orange Crushes were excellent as always. Monday we laid around awhile then went to Booty’s Bar & Grill and had a meal fit for Pirates! After dinner Laura, Lauren and my dad went for a boat ride while Pete and I had a date. We rode the tram up the boardwalk, then played some games on the boardwalk. We got some treats before heading to my mom’s tree. See when my Mom passed away we took her change that she had stored up and bought a tree in her memory. It is planted by the water near my Dad’s condo. Pete and I sat there and watched the sun set. It was so romantic. It was one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. It was full of great colors! After the sun was gone we went back to the condo and went with the family for a fierce game of miniature golf. My dad won with a score of 61! It was a 28 hole course. Pete had a 71, while Me, Laura and Lauren had a 76, 77 & 78 respectively. It was fun. The whole vacation was fun! I was sad to go home when it was all over!