Vacation Update Ok so like over a week ago I got …

Vacation Update

Ok so like over a week ago I got home from the Ocean and I haven’t shared any pictures or updates about my wonderful Mini Vacation! We had a fabulous time. Pete, Lauren and I went down to Ocean City on Saturday then on Sunday Laura and my Dad came down. It was fun. Saturday we drove to Rehoboth Beach. It is the Beach town where we had our summer home while I was growing up. So much has changed, it amazes me. Lauren and I had a ball at the beach on Sunday.
Sunday night we got cleaned up and went to Harborside Bar & Grill for drinks and dinner! The Orange Crushes were excellent as always. Monday we laid around awhile then went to Booty’s Bar & Grill and had a meal fit for Pirates! After dinner Laura, Lauren and my dad went for a boat ride while Pete and I had a date. We rode the tram up the boardwalk, then played some games on the boardwalk. We got some treats before heading to my mom’s tree. See when my Mom passed away we took her change that she had stored up and bought a tree in her memory. It is planted by the water near my Dad’s condo. Pete and I sat there and watched the sun set. It was so romantic. It was one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. It was full of great colors! After the sun was gone we went back to the condo and went with the family for a fierce game of miniature golf. My dad won with a score of 61! It was a 28 hole course. Pete had a 71, while Me, Laura and Lauren had a 76, 77 & 78 respectively. It was fun. The whole vacation was fun! I was sad to go home when it was all over!


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