Weekend Shower This Weekend we went to New Jersey…

Weekend Shower

This Weekend we went to New Jersey for a Baby shower for Pete’s friends E & K. They just adopted a sweet Baby Girl. Well actually like 2 months ago. She is beautiful. I can’t post any pictures of her until the adoption is final. Weird rules, but hey!

They have suffered infertility for 4 years, this is a dream come true for them. They got so many great gifts. I am jealous, I want a shower, I have planned so many of them and attended so many of them in the past two years, I want a turn! We had a great weekend though, it is good to visit friends! For the shower one of the gifts K’s mom got her was a Cabagge Patch Kid. K wants to go through the “Adoption” process of the CPK with J when she is 4 or so. K thinks it will be great to have her learn about adoption since adoption brought this great little girl to E & K’s family’s.

Here are some other pictures from the shower, this is Pete’s namesake and godson, Reese. He is getting SO very big! He was a tiny baby when he was born, just over 5 pounds. He is very expresive and seems to like Pete right well! I love the look on his little face in the picture of them together. Every time I see Pete around kids the alarm on my biological (alarm) clock goes off. I can’t wait tosee him with our kids! I know he will be great!


4 Responses to “Weekend Shower This Weekend we went to New Jersey…”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    Just testing to make sure that your comments work again. 🙂

  2. foodiechickie Says:

    Love the new look!

  3. butterfly_chic26 Says:

    WHOA!!! I love the new look Lisa!!! Love it love it love it!!! And it’s my two most favorite colors!!! 🙂

  4. Shannon Says:

    love the new look… glad you had fun at the shower!!

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