Fat Girl

Ok, I am going to admit something I usually don’t talk about. I am a fat girl, pleasantly plump, rubenesque, overweight whatever you want to call it. I never talk about it, because to me it is a moot point, I am who I am and if you don’t like it your fault. I have been a fat girl since I was 7 or so. That is 21 years for those who don’t know my age. I am Pretty, I am happy, I am healthy (No High BP, No diabetes, No High cholesterol, basically no weight related anythings), I am active, I am fun, I lead the same life as a person half my size. I always have. I have always been popular always had friends, had boyfriends, went to parties, etc. I feel bad for the people who have been discriminated against and treated badly because of how they look. I read this article and it pissed me off. Especially this part:

“Appearance and size seem related to getting and keeping both job and salary,” she said.

Prejudice began early in life for obese females, with children as young as three shunning their obese peers, Heitmann said.

Family, teachers and healthcare professionals were also more biased against obese girls and women than boys and men, she said.

“Obese women are deprived of friendships, intimate relationships, social interactions, education, income and respect,” Heitmann said.

I have a job, I have a career, I have had a job since I was 18 in a competitive field, I have worked for 4 or 5 companies and have always gotten multiple job offers when I was looking for a job. So I have never experienced a Prejudice!

I have never had an issue with Family or Teachers or doctors.

I surely have never been deprived of friendships, I have always had friends and made friends easily, I have never been deprived of intimate relationships, I have had Boyfriends and sex(LOL), I have been on dates, I have been hit on by strangers, asked to dance in bars and clubs, had long term relationships.

As far as social interactions, I love people, I can talk to strangers and they all talk back, so no problem there.

I went to school, got good grades, went to college got a certificate for Early Childhood Development, never got a lower grade because I was fat.

I have a good income, I have always had a good income, always had a good job.

As for respect, I think I have respect and if I don’t I can’t tell!

I think it has to do with who you are, if you have self respect! I probally have too much…LOL Pete tells me all the time I am full of myself. This usually follows me telling him that I am beautiful! My Parents always told me and my sister how pretty and smart we are and I guess we believed them. When I went to school I had friends, that’s what you do, you go to school and have friends. I applied for jobs and got jobs cause that’s what you do. I never looked at myself as different and therefore was never treated that way! Never made fun of, or ridiculed. Always had “cool” clothes and shoes and friends and fit in. I do feel bad for the people who look at being different so negatively! I think you are who you are, take it or leave it!


3 Responses to “Fat Girl”

  1. Shannon Says:

    AMEN SISTER!!! I didn’t have a weight issue till I got my period in 4th grade and then no matter what the weight came on… I always had lots of friends once I got to high school but never lots of dates and that was fine with me… the guys were my friends and such… I played lots of sports and had scholorships to play them in college… but choose a school that didn’t have me playing sports…

    but in college is when I really noticed people treat me differently because of my weight… once they saw I was more active then them things changed but it sucked that I had to prove myself… what was even worse was the job interviews after college… during an interview one person left the room and was laughing at me outside the door that wasn’t shut all the way… needless to say I walked out and told them to shove it… but there are a lot of jerks out there and it doesn’t help that there are people that judge just on apperence… looks aren’t everything… and they fade… i love the fact those skinny girls in high school are all now fat because of all the beer they drink lol… reveage is sweet mahahahaha…

  2. butterfly_chic26 Says:

    I didn’t have an issue with my weight until my junior year in high school, when I stopped being so active in sports. I just sorta just bloomed out…i don’t know. I have always been been self concious of the way I look even when I was thin, and it doesn’t help when your family is always telling you that you need to loose the weight, for this and that, but I don’t have health related issues because I’m big. THe only thing I have is knees and ankle problems because of it (my feetsies are too small for my weight I only wear a size 6 1/2 shoe). I don’t like the way I look, and I HATE shopping. I wish I didn’t feel the way I do towards the way I look, because the way I dress and the lack of fixing my hair (i’m allergic to makeup so i can’t wear it no matter how fat or not fat i am) shows how i feel about myself. I don’t know, I know that I have never been discriminated against because of my weight, or not that I’m aware of. Guys never seem to care about the weight, so that has never been an issue for me either. It’s just me that has the issue with it. I don’t discriminate against anyone for anything, unless maybe they wear something that they know they shouldn’t (like a tank top with no bra, *eww*). I feel bad for those who are discriminated against, it saddens me.

  3. Quiet Soul Says:

    I was surfing and came across your blog and thought WOW! I love your outlook on life!!! I am a bit overweight myself and it is affecting my health unfortunately, (gall bladder, BP etc) so I have to change my lifestyle. But you were so right in your post. 🙂


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