Crazy Weekend

This weekend was wonderful! I watched Jodi’s kids for her while her and her husband went to Ocean City! It was a lot of fun, we had a few snags with the grandmother, but all in all it was great. Usually the Grandmother watches the kids on Wednesday and Thursday and I go Friday after work and stay til Sunday (we have been doing this for years, this same week of September). Well apparently this year she had memory lapses or something. First she stayed for dinner Friday and stayed even after the kids and I went to my house and to the store. Saturday she insisted on picking Lauren up for soccer and driving her. I stayed home and packed our picnic lunch. After soccer the grandma came in and fooled around and ended up staying for hours doing stuff at the house. We on the other hand went to Cunningham Falls. What a GREAT TIME! Dakoda and Crystal joined us and we just had a ball. The kids loved the lake. Afterwards we came home and played. Well the grandmom asked if she was staying Saturday night??? I said nope I am here. She also asked me if I wanted me to take the kids to Sunday School, the next day. I said I could take them, no problem. Saturday night Lauren and I watched movies and fell asleep. Sunday morning the kids were up so flipping early! 6:30am EARLY! We had breakfast and got dressed and ready for Sunday School. Well the Grandmom called and Lauren answered and the GM asked if she needed to take the kids again (NO!) so Lauren told her we would drop the kids off cause we were going to the store while they were at Sunday School. Well the GM flipped and started yelling and screaming because Lauren wasn’t going to church. She hates church and her mom and the GM forces her to go. But she had permission to not go, from her parents, this week and the GM knew this. So after yelling at Lauren for 10 minutes, she gets on the phone with me and says to me (yelling now…at me!) Can’t you wait until after church to go to the store, I said yeah sure, then she said Lauren has to go to church, I said Ok, then here is the kicker, she told me I should go to church! I said, I am NOT going to church (I still have a church problem since my mom died), then the GM tells me I am a bad influence on Lauren and I am the reason she doesn’t want to go to church! I said ok and hung up. I told Lauren to call her Mom and if she said Lauren had to go, then I would take her and she had to go. Then Lauren called her mom and her mom said again she didn’t have to go. So I am pissed off, because I make this child be polite, I make her talk nicely to her GM and I never have expressed my views on Church/God to Lauren. I believe in God and I go to church on Christmas, Easter, Weddings, etc. But I don’t see where sitting in church for an hour makes this crazy lady any better of a person then me! I am a good person who doesn’t do wrong things! I respect people (if I didn’t I would have laid into this jealous women!) and treat them right! So I am mad! But all in all Lauren didn’t go to church and I didn’t make her “do the right thing” (whatever), instead I took her and bought her a cell phone! LOL But we talked about it and she told me she thinks church is boring and that is why she doesn’t want to go, she told me she doesn’t like being forced to go! She is 14 years old…almost! But we went to Friendly’s and the park yesterday (after Sunday School) and had a great time.

2 Responses to “Crazy Weekend”

  1. Shannon Says:

    maybe it is time for Lauren to find a church that she likes hehehe… I wouldn’t go to boring church either… but GM needs a kick to the head lol…

  2. butterfly_chic26 Says:

    It’s so nice of you to stay with the kids 🙂 I agree with Shannon the grandma needed swift kick the rear!

    When I was Lauren’s age I totally switched churches from my “family” church, I was raised Episcopalian (splt that wrong), and I started going to a Baptist church. A total shocker to the whole family, my mother pulled me out when i was almost 17, since then i haven’t belonged to a church.

    I think that Lauren is old enough to decide where she wants to go, if her parents really want her to go to church, maybe she would be more happier going to a church that has a great Youth program, that is centered more to the youth than the adults!

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