Happy Birthday Lauren

Today 14 years ago Lauren was born. She has been the Apple of my eye since she was conceived! Her Mom, my friend Jodi was/is like the older sister I never had. My mom became friends with her in an odd way, Jodi used to work at the Deli where my mom bought sodas everyday. Jodi’s Grandmother lived next door to the deli and her Mom had to stay with her grandmother most nights. Jodi was in High school and lived very far away so she stayed with us a lot. After high school she went to College and stayed with us 4 out of 7 seven nights a week. Jodi was 19 when she found out she was pregnant, It was April or May. I was so excited I used to lay in bed with my hand on her belly and talk to Lauren. I KNEW she was a girl and I KNEW she would love me best. Well she turned out to be a girl and guess who she loves best….ME. Her first sentence (not word) was “I Love Lisie Best”. I have been a big part in her life. I was there to help bring her home from the hospital. Her first Thanksgiving was 4 days later and I sat in the Living room holding her all during dinner, I didn’t eat a thing. I was her permanent Babysitter. I would go to Jodi’s Apartment on the weekends so Jodi could go out with her friends while I would stay home with Lauren. I watched her the first two summers of her life all day a few days a week. Even now if Jodi is going out Lauren always tells her to call me, and not Mom-Mom. Jodi only leaves the kids with me or her Mom. I remember Jodi went into Labor on Saturday November 21, 1992. I sat there with my stop watch and timed contractions all day. We watch the movie “The Cutting Edge”. I can see us sitting in the living room, like it was yesterday. Sometime in the middle of the Night Jodi couldn’t wait any longer and she got up and went to take a shower and shave her legs. Her mom picked her up a short while later. On Sunday November 22, 1992 I was a crossed the Street from the Hospital at a school function and I think I called the Hospital at least 10 times that day. I was so excited when I got Jodi on the phone and she told me Lauren was here and was perfect! She was the prettiest baby I have ever seen! I spent so many hours with her. We would have Photo Shoots and by the time she was a year old she would smile on command. I taught her about make up and hair. She would spend hours at my vanity! LOL Now Lauren is the same age as I was when she was born. It is hard to believe. Even at 14 she is one of my Best Friends, and I love her so much! Happy Birthday Lauren!

I added a few Pictures from when Lauren was little. Don’t make fun of my hair, it was the early 90’s. LOL

Lauren on the day we brought her home from the Hospital!

Styling in the shades!

She was a Happy Baby!

Lauren’s First Birthday!

Shrimp Salad

Last night I made shrimp salad for dinner. I think I make the best Shrimp Salad around. The key is the seasoning. I steam my shrimp with vinegar, water and old bay. You need the old bay as part of the steaming process. Then I cool and peel the shrimp. I all Celery and Mayo, some more old bay and a few tablespoons of the vinegar old bay mix they steamed in. It gives the Shrimp salad a great Tanginess! There was enough left for our lunches today. It was even better today!

Ugly Shoes

I hate shoes! I have awful feet. They are flat (no arch), therefore wide, but I have a narrow heel, so shoes slip. I have never been able to find shoes that fit me properly. Not even when I was a toddler. As a avid Disney World lover I put my poor feet through hell atleast every year or two. I get huge blisters and swollen feet and pain. I once had a blister that doubled the size of my big toe. It was horrible. I therefore hate walking a lot because it is uncomfortable. It’s not my weight or my knees or ankles. It is my poor feet. I wear flip flops as much as possible because they are comfortable, but they also provide no support. I bought a pair of Crocs flip flops over the summer cause they are anti bacterial and they haven’t yet started to stink yet. They are cushy and comfortable but not as cute as the glittery flip flops. Shannon is a Crocs lover, and got me to order the first pair. Well my Disney yahoo group has been all hyped up about the Disney Crocs that just came out. They are supposed to be great for walking and all. So I broke down and bought a pair, I hate the way they look, even the cute Mickey Mouse shaped holes don’t make it better. I think Crocs are god awful ugly. I also got a pair of the Mary Jane Crocs, not quite as ugly and much less bulky then the regular or Disney ones. They are really comfortable, both pair! I feel like I am walking on clouds of air. My feet do get a bit sweaty and slip a little, though. I am trying them out now as much as possible before my Disney Trip. So far so good! I hope this is the answer to my poor feet worries!

Disney Memories

As you can see our Disney trip is quickly approaching. I am sooo freaking excited. It is my favorite place on earth. I but together a slide show of my favorite pictures for my MySapce page and I thought I would share it here too. Just looking at these pictures brings back a flood of memories!

I am also kinda excited because there is a good chance my Dad and sister and brother in Law are going to come down for a few days while we will be there. That will be fun! I just can’t wait! I have booked our flight with a great price of $53.00 each way on South west, thanks to ding. What a great invention. Too bad I am not going to Vegas (not instead of Disney, just in addition to), that flight would have been $49 last night.

Christmas in the Desert

This year Pete and I are spending Christmas in Arizona with his parents. I am excited to be traveling somewhere I have never been, and a little sad I won;t be with my family and friends. My sister and brother in law have to work Christmas day and in their professions they can’t get out of it. Pete and I decided since they were working that we would fly out on Christmas day. We leave BWI airport at 7:10am on Christmas morning and we touch down in Phoenix, AZ at 10:30am after an almost 5 hour flight. I booked us a rental car through priceline.com for only $24 a day for a full size car. I also booked us a hotel for $30 a night. It is the Extended Stay America in Tucson, AZ. We got great deals using priceline. We will spend a week visiting Pete’s parents and his friends, we will also get to visit Debs and Marlin. I babysat for Marlin from the time he was 2 years old until he was 8 or 9 or so. Then they moved to AZ. He will be 15 years old this year…….Do you have any idea how old that makes me feel??? I am excited to see them! We fly home on New Years eve! We were lucky to get direct flights both ways! I am sure I will take TONS of pictures!

All grown up!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Lauren and I. It was taken when she was about 4, Ten years ago, ahh to be 18 again!. I have had it in a frame on my bookcase ever since.

Tonight Lauren went to her first high school dance. She is growing up so fast, I can’t believe it. Today we went to the mall and got her jewelry and a head band, then we went to my house and did her hair and make up. Then home for her to get dressed. Before every school dance while my sister and I were growing up we had pictures taken in front of the back door. I don’t know why, we just did. Tonight Lauren asked if she could get her picture taken in front of the back door, even though she didn’t have her dress on. It made me want to cry cause all I could think about was how my mom wasn’t there. Jodi’s kids were like the Grandchildren my Mom didn’t get to have! Lauren had grown up spending TONS of time at my house, and the picture by the back door just went with school dances.

After the back door picture we went to her house and she finished getting ready. I took about a bazillion pictures, but these are the best ones. She looked so pretty! SO grown up! It made me miss my little Lauren!

While the Cats away the Mouse will Play!

Look at the picture i recieved on my Phone while I was visiting Shannon, it cracks me up: