Ugly Shoes

I hate shoes! I have awful feet. They are flat (no arch), therefore wide, but I have a narrow heel, so shoes slip. I have never been able to find shoes that fit me properly. Not even when I was a toddler. As a avid Disney World lover I put my poor feet through hell atleast every year or two. I get huge blisters and swollen feet and pain. I once had a blister that doubled the size of my big toe. It was horrible. I therefore hate walking a lot because it is uncomfortable. It’s not my weight or my knees or ankles. It is my poor feet. I wear flip flops as much as possible because they are comfortable, but they also provide no support. I bought a pair of Crocs flip flops over the summer cause they are anti bacterial and they haven’t yet started to stink yet. They are cushy and comfortable but not as cute as the glittery flip flops. Shannon is a Crocs lover, and got me to order the first pair. Well my Disney yahoo group has been all hyped up about the Disney Crocs that just came out. They are supposed to be great for walking and all. So I broke down and bought a pair, I hate the way they look, even the cute Mickey Mouse shaped holes don’t make it better. I think Crocs are god awful ugly. I also got a pair of the Mary Jane Crocs, not quite as ugly and much less bulky then the regular or Disney ones. They are really comfortable, both pair! I feel like I am walking on clouds of air. My feet do get a bit sweaty and slip a little, though. I am trying them out now as much as possible before my Disney Trip. So far so good! I hope this is the answer to my poor feet worries!


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