One Day and Counting!

Well here we are, it’s Christmas eve and the stockings are stuffed and the presents are FINALLY all wrapped. I am so glad that part of Christmas is over. Tonight I am going to my sister’s house and we are having Christmas. I love giving gifts, way more then I like receiving them. I am excited cause I have a whole lot to hand out tonight. Friday night I went to visit Ryleah and Nikki and gave them their gifts, I also visited Jodi and the kids last night and gave them gifts. Pete and I took the kids to the symphony of Lights last night also. It was great. Well I better get pack to my packing. Here are some pictures from the past few days:

Ryleah loved her gifts:

Katelyn & Ricky love the sling slot!

Symphony of Lights

Bloggy Parade of Homes

Shannon is hosting a Bloggy Parade of homes Holiday edition. Here is my Tree and Mantel. We didn’t do much deorating this year since we will be spending the christmas season in Arizona with Pete’s Family.


I am alive, I swear. I know I may have one or two readers out there still. LOL I hope so anyway. I have been so very busy lately. Work has been nuts, I am getting ready to leave Monday for Arizona. I am getting excited! We are all ready to go. Well mentally anyway. I still have clothes to wash 759 presents to wrap, packing to do, celebrations to have with my family and friends before we leave. Ugh! All of this and I am getting my period tomorrow. How fun. I know this is TMI, but oh well! I am sinking here. LOL I have already been to NJ to deliver gifts to Pete’s friends, this week I am visiting all the kiddies in my life. I think I have FINALLY finished my shopping. I hope Pete and my sister and dad love their gifts! Well I will try to post some more, I will I have pictures to leave you with:

These are Ryleah’s Christmas Pictures, They turned out so good!

This is last night when I went to give Dakoda his Christmas Gifts. LOL This kid is a nut!

I made this Christmas Picture in Photoshop and had it Printed and framed for my friend Jodi for Christmas!

Happy Birthday Walt

Today is Walt Disney’s Birthday. He would have been 105 years old today! He was born on December 5, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois, when he was very young, the family moved to a little town called Marceline, Missouri, which influenced the creation of Main Street USA in Disneyland, He married a woman named Lillian Bounds and had two daughters; He was an animation pioneer and won more Academy Awards (48) than anyone ever, he was responsible for creating Disneyland in California, and conceived Walt Disney World in Florida, he died from cancer in December 1966.

Here is a good Walt Disney Site if you are interested!