I am alive, I swear. I know I may have one or two readers out there still. LOL I hope so anyway. I have been so very busy lately. Work has been nuts, I am getting ready to leave Monday for Arizona. I am getting excited! We are all ready to go. Well mentally anyway. I still have clothes to wash 759 presents to wrap, packing to do, celebrations to have with my family and friends before we leave. Ugh! All of this and I am getting my period tomorrow. How fun. I know this is TMI, but oh well! I am sinking here. LOL I have already been to NJ to deliver gifts to Pete’s friends, this week I am visiting all the kiddies in my life. I think I have FINALLY finished my shopping. I hope Pete and my sister and dad love their gifts! Well I will try to post some more, I will I have pictures to leave you with:

These are Ryleah’s Christmas Pictures, They turned out so good!

This is last night when I went to give Dakoda his Christmas Gifts. LOL This kid is a nut!

I made this Christmas Picture in Photoshop and had it Printed and framed for my friend Jodi for Christmas!

One Response to “Alive”

  1. foodiechickie Says:

    You would do well as a graphic designer Lisa! Perhaps have your own freelance graphic design business. You are very creative.

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