Travel Day

Pete and I woke up and finished our last minute packing. We then went to Breakfast and I was talking non stop. I was so excited. We went to BWI Airport around 4:00. We were flying Southwest and I had checked us in the night before and we had “A” tickets. Our flight was at 5:55pm. The flight was not full so luckily Pete and I had a row to ourselves. We landed at MCO Airport around 8:30pm. We were using Disney’s Magical Express so we did not need to get our luggage, we just headed downstairs to the Magical Express Busses. After a quick check in we were on our way to Pop Century Hotel. I had stayed there last year and loved it. Dad. Laura & I Checked in and after a little switching around we had rooms in the 60’s Section on the 4th floor. After checking in we headed to the Everything Pop food court. Pete, Dad, Edna, Brandon and I had Burgers, Laura got the Chicken Alfredo & Miss Joyce had the Chicken FIngers. I had a little bit of explaining to do to catch them all up to speed on the Disney Dining Plan, but it went smooth. We headed up to our rooms and relaxed until our luggage arrived around 12:30am. It took a while, but it was ok. After I unpacked I crashed into bed. It was a great travel day if I do say so myself!

Pre Trip

I visited Disney in January 2006, in addition to 5 other trips. Last summer I heard of the Year of a Million Dreams and I got the bug to visit again. I always visit in January because I love the low crowds and mild weather. I emailed Pete and asked him if he wanted to go to Disney with me, he replied with “How much does it cost?” I told him not to worry about that. He agreed to go with me and I was so excited. He had never been to my favorite place in the world and he had no prior desire to visit WDW. I booked our trip with Jessica at the Magic for Less Travel. I have used her before and she is wonderful. My Dad had mentioned he wanted to go with us and it kinda snowballed into a big group trip. It took many emails to Jessica and many calls to 407-WDW-DINE to rearrange ADR’s.

One day and Counting!

We leave for Walt Disney World tommorrow! I am sooo excited! I can not wait. I am packing now. So much stuff for 7 days. I tend to over pack, and now I do the packing for us both. LOL Today after my JOb interview my Sister and I went shopping (again). I bought a pink Baltimore Ravens Hat. I am thinking of taking it. I am not sure how I look in a hat. What do you all think:

Sunday Massage

I took a bath this afternoon to read my book and relax. When I got out Pete led me to the Bedroom and said he had a surprise. Well I was thinking, Ha, big surprise, thinking he was looking for a little afternoon Hanky Panky! I enter the Bedroom to find candles lit, he had the massage oil out and warmed, drinks for each of us and the bed all ready for me to lay and get a great massage. I lay down and he starts the CD player and a CD of love songs come on. I spent the next hour getting a great massage. What a sweet hart!

Baby Sitting

Katelyn and I went up to PA to visit NIkki & Ryleah, we had a sleep over then Katelyn and I baby sat. It was a great day. Ryleah is so smart and getting so big. We only had one melt down that I caught in a picture. Here are some pictures from the day:


I have been a sad girl lately and I know I shouldn’t be sad. I shouldn’t there are so many great things in my life. I thought that today I would make a list of them atleast some of them. I love posts with pictures so I will include some of them too. Here is a question for you bloggers out there, do you like posts better with or with out photos? Anyway here is the list of the top ten things I am thankful for in no particular order:

1. My family, My dad and sister are two of my best friends. I know they are there for me no matter what.

2, My Mom, she isn’t here with me any more, but I couldn’t have asked for a better one!

3. My Honey, Pete is a really great guy, sure he is moddy and lazy like all guys, but he is a good person, he is honest and sweet and I love him so much. I love when he reaches over in the mornings and pulls me really close and holds me until the last possible second before we need to get up!

4. My favorite Kiddies, Ryleah, Katelyn, Dakoda, Lauren & Ricky round out the top 5.

5. My House, I get to live in my Mom’s house, the house I grew up in.

6. My health, I am a fairly healthy gal, no high Blood Pressure, cholesterol, etc.

7. Vacations, we went to Arizona this year and in less then a Week will be hanging out with Mickey Mouse and Friends in Walt Disney World.

8. My Friends. I have great friends! Shannon, Nikki & Crystal are the best friends you could ask for.

9. My Bathtub, I have a big one, that is Deep and connected to a big Hot water heater!

10. TiVo, I know such a funny thing to be thankful for, but it is great. If you have it you know what I mean and if you don’t go get it!

Blast from the Past

I found all of these old floppy disks they each had like 2 or three pictures on them. Most were pictures of Me, Nikki & Crystal with the WWF & WCW wrestlers. We along with some of our guy friends used to stalk the pro wrestlers when they came to Baltimore. We have met quite a few. These are only a few of the pictures, I have 4 or 5 photo albums full of pictures on my bookcase.