Christmas 11 Months Early

I had a not so great day. I got some news that really had me a bit down in the dumps and I felt sick to my stomach all day. Well I picked Pete up from work and we went to get his hair cut. That boy looks so damn cute with a fresh haircut. When we got home sitting on the front porch was a big box, I got all excited and then I seen it was from Disney and I got REALLY excited. Pete brings it in the house and opens it up and gives me a great Disney Princess Luggage tag. I had got every one luggage tags for Christmas (for our Disney Trip that is only a week away!) and Pete thought I needed one too. Then he pulls out a pretty big box and hands it to me. He told me I can’t use it til next Christmas, but he was so excited about it he couldn’t wait til then to give it to me. This is what was in the box:

How awesome is she! I love it so much. I have such a great Boy Friend!


One Response to “Christmas 11 Months Early”

  1. foodiechickie Says:

    The presents came at a perfect time!

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