Emmission Test

I had to go this morning and have my Emmissions tested. I passed, thank god. It was the last day I could possibly go too. LOL Nothing like waiting til the last minute. Now I am getting ready to go shopping. I am making my favorite Brother In Law Chicken and Dumplins for his birthday tonight. I am famous for my chicken and dumplins. They take FOREVER to make and are such a pain. But for a Birthday I suffer through it. The guy at the Emmissions testing place kept telling me how pretty I was, I had to flash my fake wedding rings to get him to stop. These things are amazing! Well I am off to the store.

The Carolinas

living room and I usually sleep on the love seat. I can’t do it anymore. I can not. I am so uncomfortable there. It is for us also, but they set it all up before we get there and used to put it in the guest room, it’s now the baby’s room. The last few times the baby was still sleeping in I am here in the warm Carolinas. It is like 60 degrees. How wonderful. I left the 20’s at home. Shannon is such a great hostess. She has my room all set up and ready. Don’t you hate spending the night somewhere and not being comfortable? I know I do. Like when we go to visit Pete’s set of friends R & E. Gosh I hate it. No where to sleep. We bring an air mattress and set it up in theirdifferent when we go see his friend E & K. They set up an air mattresstheir room. But regardless I am just more comfortable there. As for all the places I stay overnight, here at Shannon’s is the best! I love her and love visiting. The only sad part is how quick my visit is this time!

Cat Pee

So now that the cat has been out a few days I smell Pee. It sticks and I am not sure where it is. There were no wet spots the day we got home and the cat was here. I don’t know what to do. I am trying to get the energy to deep clean EVERY thing in the house, but I just don’t feel like it.

I updated my list of blogs I read and took off the ones that had not been updating or the ones that now have passwords and I don’t know them. I need some new reads. I just haven’t found any that are well written and interesting. If you know any let me know!

All Clear

Well I just woke up and had to pee again. I heard Pete in the bathroom. Apparently the cat decided to chance it and it made a jump for it out the window. It wouldn’t have had to jump to the ground there is a shed out the bathroom window, not too far down, my sister used to practice jumping out it in case of emergancy (she was a funny little kid). Thank the lord!.

P.S. I will updat about my week and Valentines day later, I am going to try to get some more rest now!

Still Awake

Well it’s 5am ish and I am sttill awake. I can’t go to sleep thinking that wild beast is in my house. I have done dished, watched last weeks Grey Anatomy (Merrideth can’t die) looked online, caught up on the latest Anna Nicole Gossip (poor baby) and I am still wide awake. I am going to pee in the trash can and try to go to sleep now!

Cat Burglar

Well it’s 2am and most people are asleep, not me! Why you ask? Well because there is a cat in my Bathroom. Yup a cat. Oh did I forget to mention I don’t own a cat, or particularly like cats. But there is one in my bathroom. I am scared to death. How did it get there? Well sometimes my back door doesn’t catch all the way. At 12;00am when we got home the back door was adjar. We had went to dinner with Laura and then met some friends for drinks. I don’t drink much and last night/tonight not at all, Pete on the other hand was feeling pretty good after 11 drinks or so. So we see the door open and are like GREAT! There is a family of stray cats in the neighborhood and this is the first winter we haven’t had mice so I don’t mind them, usually! So we check the house and find no cats, dogs, mice, rats, bears, etc. I had been wanting Pete to come to bed so we could “fool around” but then in his intoxicated state, he got pissy about the door and how I had left yesterday morning and not been home once. Oh and did I mention the tempature? No, oh well it was about 10 degrees outside, about 30 degrees in my downstairs, and about 110 degrees upstairs. The heat had ran and ran all day, right out the back door. So he is hot, pissy and drunk. I just went to sleep. Well since I was drinking Ice tea every round, I had about 10 or 11 of them. I woke up at 1:30am needing to pee really bad, I look around on the floor, still scared something might be in the house. I walk down the hall, turn on the bathroom light and see a CAT on my toliet. I scream and shut the door. Then I ran into the bedroom and peed in a trash can. I really had to go. I was so upset. I started crying. I called 311, the non emergancy alternative to 911 in Baltimore. They said no problem someone would be out with in three DAYS, and for me to take care of the cat until then. Fat Chance on that one! So I call Laura and Brandon to see in my police officer brother in law knows anyone in Animal Control, no luck! So then I call my Dad and cry, he laughs at me and tells me to go to sleep or come to his house. I hang up from him when Laura calls back. She has all these wild ideas and I just am crying. SO finally I wake Pete up who had managed to sleep through this all. We open the front door, shut as many doors in the house as possible and then I open the bathroom door. I expect it to dart down the steps and out on to the front street. This doesn’t happen. The thing hides behind my toliet. I finally just decide to open the bathroom window and shut the door and hope he commits suicide. I can’t go to sleep now, I just can’t, I don’t know what to do!

Going Home

I so did not want to get up this morning. When I finally did I started packing and Pete went to get us breakfast from the food court. I packed us all up. We had quite a few soaps and Shampoos for “Give Kids The World”. I will send them a box when I get home. We checked and double checked to make sure we didn’t forget anything and we went down and got good seats by the pool. Of course our last day was sunny and warm. We had about an hour wait until our Magical Express Bus came. Wow I was really getting sad. At 11:45 we headed over to the Bus and Pete ran to get Money from the ATM for tips and whatnot. When Pete came back the bus for the Cruise Line showed up and we talked about maybe taking a Land/Sea trip next time. We were pretty quite on the way to the airport, we were both tired and sad to be leaving the vacation world here in FL. My sister called to tell me to was like 12 degrees at home. Great! We checked in at the air port and went to the Southwest gate to get in line, we had “B” ticket and wanted a row to ourselves. I sat in line while Pete got us lunch. It wasn’t long until we were boarding and heading home. I read my book, The Keys to The Kingdom on the flight home. I recommend it to all Disney Lover’s young and old! We got in to Baltimore and it was freezing. We called my Dad who picked us in in a few minutes and within 15 minutes we were home and vacation was over!

Final Thoughts

This was a great Vacation. I have taken many trips to disney, but this one was extra special. This was the trip that I turned Pete into a Disney LOVER. I love him so very much and to be able to share this Magical Vacation with the love of my life was so great! I have a few tips. Get tons of Disney Photo Pass Pictures Taken, and make sure you get them to take a shot with your camera too! Buy a pair of Crocs, real ones, Disney Crocs, or regular ones. They are the best, no blisters for me! Make your dining reservations early. Take breaks often. These the some of the most important things I have learned!