MGM & Disney Vacation Club & Downtown Disney

My Dad, Miss Joyce, Laura, Brandon & Edna headed for Disney-MGM Studios today while Pete and I slept in. Pete and I finally got up and headed to Everything POP for some breakfast and the first of MANY shopping stops. Pete had the Adult Breakfast Platter and I had a Bagel and Sausage. After eating we stopped by the Disney Vacation Club Booth to set up a time for our tour. We went back to our room and showed and got dressed. The Disney Vacation Club Van was picking us up at 12:10pm in the front of the hotel to head over to Saratoga Springs Resort. We toured the resort and fell in love. I am pretty sure we will buy into the DIsney Vacation Club, with in the next year or two. Pete loved the international Travel and I loved the Disney Trips. Pete fell in love with the Saratoga Spring Resort. Our one hour tour took over two hours because we were so interested in everything. We ended the tour with a Ice Cream Sundae and a picture. The Disney Vacation Club van picked us up and took us over to Downtown Disney. I almost fell getting out of the Van, LOL. We headed into the World of Disney. Pete was impressed about the size of the store. We each got a Tee Shirt, I got a pair of earings and some post cards. Pete got a Pen and a Hat and a Hat for his dad. We also got a picture with 4 pins in it for only $15, this could have been because we spent so much money in there! LOL. When we left that store we walked around and checked it all out. Downtown Disney is so nice. It was peaceful when we were there too. Pete loved the the Legos. Then we headed into Once upon a Toy so Pete could built his own Light Saber. He was like a kid in a candy shop. He got a Yoda and a Jedi Mickey fighter set also. He told me he wished he got to come to Disney as a kid. I was so excited, he was loving it, almost as much as I do. We went to Earl of Sandwich for lunch. It was so good. I had the Club and Pete had the Itailian Sandwich. I am really glad Disney has switched to brewed Iced Tea instead of instant, it was so refreshing. We had a leisurely lunch talking and planning. After lunch we stepped outside and it was POURING! We sat for a while and watched the people rush around. I love people watching. We headed into the Pin Shop and bought our ponchos, with Mickey on the back and Pete started falling in love with the pins. Needless to say we each left Walk Disney World with Pin Lanyards and 5 or 6 pins a piece. LOL We headed to the Buses after putting on our ponchos. We didn’t have really long to wait for a bus. When we got back to Pop we changed into our swim suits and headed to the pool. The 60’s Flower Pool was packed so Pete and I decided to head over to the Bowling Pin Pool in the 50’s section. The water was so warm. We swam and talked about the Disney Vacation club for hours. all of a sudden we discovered it was almost 9:00pm. We went back to the room to change so we could go and get some dinner. We ran into my Dad and gang at the rooms, they were getting ready to go to the Flower Pool. Pete and I changed into our sweat clothes and we had Dinner at Everything Pop. I had a Burger and he had the Chicken Alfrado. After eating Pete went to the gift shop (see a trend here) and I met up with everyone near the pool. We all shared my desert of Apple slices and Caramel, Miss Joyce and Edna turned in early cause they were cold. I took pictures of my Dad, Laura & Brandon jumping into the pool, it was fun just hanging out. Pete joined us and we hung out until they turned into Popsicles. Pete and I headed to bed because tomorrow we had plans to have breakfast at the Castle with some princesses.


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