Magic Kingdom

Today is the day I was looking forward to the most. We woke up and it was pouring. I was so upset. I took my shower and got dressed anyway, then woke Pete up. He showed and dressed. We wore our matching Disney World shirts. The rain had stopped, but Pete wore his flip flops because his tennis shoes were still wet from yesterday and I wore capri pants because the day before my pants got soaked. We headed out to the buses and we were waiting in line for the Magic Kingdom bus at 7:15. I was so excited. Pete was going to get to see the Magic Kingdom as his first park. We got off the bus and headed over to the gates. Pete was impressed. We walked under the train station and walked so that the Castle was in view and I started crying. It happens every time. It is so magical. The park was empty and wet and we slowly walked up to the Castle. We stopped for a lot of pictures. We slowly looked at all of the storefronts. We checked into the Castle and went into the room to meet Cinderella. We got pictures and started up the curving staircase. At the top of the stairs we got our magic wand and our sword and our wishing stars. We had a great table and a great waiter. We got pictures with Snow White, the Fairy Godmother, Jasmine and Belle. We finished up breakfast, mmmm the cream cheese stuffed french toast is to die for. It was 5 after 9:00am when we exited from the back of the castle. I headed right to Tink’s Treasures to try to wake Tinkerbell up. She was already awake though. Fantasyland was empty so we wanted to get some of the long line rides out of the way first. The first ride we rode was Peter Pan. This was Pete’s favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World. We seen two little kids and we gave them our wand and swords from breakfast. They thanked us and thier parents seemed surprised. After Peter Pan’s Flight we went to Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Next we got in line to meet Ariel. She was so pretty and so nice. The line for It’s a small world was nonexistent so that was our next ride. With Pooh being closed this was the last ride in Fantasyland we wanted to do. We left there and headed over to the Haunted Mansion, it had NO LINE! This turned out to be the pattern for our wonderful trip! Laura called me while we were in the Haunted mansion so I called her back and we met up outside the castle by Cinderella’s fountain. Now that we were a group of 7 we went on into Mickey’s Philharmagic. Everyone loved it. When that was done Pete and I wanted to see the Hall of Presidents while the rest did some rides in Fantasyland. Pete and I had just missed a showing of the Presidents so we ducked into the Christmas shop. A Christmas ornament was one souvenirs that I wanted from Disney World. We each picked out glass Mickey Ears and had them personalized. Pete really enjoyed the Hall of Presidents. We had to stop so he could get his picture all locked up in the head and hand locker. Then we rushed to meet everyone else at Splash Mountain after getting fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Pete wanted the front seat on Splash so you know he was riding alone. I rode with Dad and Laura and Brandon rode behind us. Miss Joyce and Edna sat out. Pete got soaked! My Dad was cracking up, it was pretty funny. We were hoping he would dry out on BTMRR, but no luck there. He was wet! We were all hungry after those mountains so Pete and Brandon got Turkey legs and we sat down to rest while Dad, Miss Joyce and Edna went to see the Country Bears. I almost got my toes bitten off by one of the hungry birds in Fonteirland while I was putting on my socks. Next up was the Tiki Room followed by Dole Whips. These are so good! I crave them from home every once in a while Then we flew over Agrabah on Aladdin’s Magic Carpets. While we were talking I found out my Dad and sister had never been on the Jungle Cruise. Well you know that had to be next. They all loved the Corny Jokes. We still had not waited in a single line! I was really excited to see the new updates in Pirates of the Caribbean. That was next on our list. Everyone loved it, Johnny Depp looked so life like! The afternoon Parade was just starting so Pete, Laura, Brandon and I headed to the Train to ride to Toon Town while Dad, Miss Joyce and Edna checked out the the Parade. Pete and I stayed on an extra loop around the track, and Laura and Brandon got off at Main Street to go to the fire house. I had read about them collecting Fire Patches so Laura took her fire house patch to add. We all met back up to go meet Mickey Mouse. We also met Goofy, Minnie & Pluto in the Judges Tent. We had some frozen Lemonade while we waited. It was starting to get late so we split up again. Pete and I went to my favorite attraction of all time, the Carousel of Progress, while everyone else went to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. We had to have dinner in different places tonight, because they added on to the trip late. Pete and I rode the People Mover while they all headed to the Liberty Tree Tavern. Pete and I had a special dinner planned at Tony’s Town Square. It was fabulous, We both had Steak and for desert I had my favorite, Creme Brulee and Pete had Chocolate Tiramasu. It was almost Fireworks time and I was so excited. We stopped into the store, where Pete got a mouse pad then we met everyone else for Wishes. Fireworks in the Magic Kingdom are amazing. We sat on the curb near the flagpole. They were so wonderful. Pete loved them of course. I got some good pictures too. There was no parade tonight, that was sad, but we will be back. The whole park was rushing to the exit so Pete and I hopped on the Monorail and we got to ride in the front seat thanks to a very nice lady who gave up her seat. There was only one free seat up front, so Pete was going to ride alone upfront with this other family, but one of the Moms got out so I could ride up front too. Thank you so much! We got Copilots licenses because it was our first time. We got off at Epcot, Epcot was having Extra Magic Hours, but we were beat so we just headed to the busses. We got back to the hotel and picked up our packages from the day before, then we hit the sheets. It was late and I was tired!

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  1. foodiechickie Says:

    So glad you had a good time. I am living vicariously through you!

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