Animal Kingdom & Polynesian Luau

Today was the Day that my Dad and Pete were looking forward to the most. Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Pete and I got up early and met up with Laura and Brandon in the Food Court. We had breakfast and sat and waited for Dad and Miss Joyce and Edna, and waited and waited, then I started getting MAD. I wanted to be on the bus by 9:00am. Didn’t happen. We ended up getting to the bus by 9:30am. We got to Animal Kingdom and got the tree pictures taken. We were waiting for our turn to get a close picture taken with the Disney Offical Photographers and and a family of a Mom, Dad and two little boys were getting their pictures taken. My Dad started jumping around behind the photographer to get the kids to smile. The two year old jumped out of his Dad’s arms and ran to my Dad and through his arms around my Dad. We were all laughing so hard. He thought my Dad was a character. How Funny! We then headed on to Dino Land USA to ride the Primeval Whirl, Miss Joyce and Edna went t o see Winnie the Pooh and friends. After that we all met up and went to see the New Finding Nemo the Musical show. It was very good, I was surprised. We had great center seats. We tried to sneak some pictures, but they didn’t turn out. We left from under the sea and headed to Asia to the new Exhibition Everest ride. We had a bit of a wait here, maybe 20 minutes, but I would have waited an hour. It was GREAT! The best roller coaster I have ever been on. It was so great, so fast and scary! We got lucky and got to see DeVine walking around. It was so cool. She amazes me! Then we went on to the Harambe Village in Africa and had Pretzels while we were walking up to the Safari. Pete and Dad really enjoyed that! It was fun as always. I was starving still so we had lunch next in the Tusker House. I had the Roasted Chicken and Pete, Laura and Brandon had the Fried Chicken Sandwiches, while Dad had the turkey wrap. The dining plan saved us so much money. Mine and Pete’s bill would have been $28 just for lunch. It was getting late and we were all kinda tired so we skipped the Lion King show. We were heading to a Bugs Life before we went home for naps. This show is always a fan favorite and my Dad and Pete had never seen it and cracked up when the Bugs left before the humans. LOL We went on a long walk to the busses. I could not wait until I got back to Pop for a shower and a nap. Dad, Miss Joyce, Laura, Brandon and Edna went back to MGM to see the Stunt show.

We met in the lobby to catch a cab to the Polynesian Hotel for the Luau. WOW talk about fun! It was a great show and dinner was Ribs, Chicken, Salad, Rice, Veggie and a Chocolate Volcano for desert. Everyone enjoyed the show. I loved the Fire Twiller/Eater guy and the fast hipped hula girls. If we would have went to the earlier show we would have been able to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the shore of the Polynesian Hotel. After the show Pete and I walked around and checked out the hotel. Pete fell in love with it like I did last year. I think next year when we go back (oh yeah we are going back) we may try and stay at the Polynesian. I am usually a value hotel girl, but this one was so nice. I would also like to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Pete and I found a comfy seat in the lobby near the waterfall and we sat for almost an hour and talked, we talked about our trip, the Disney Vacation Club, how much we love each other. He is just the greatest guy I have ever met! I love him so deeply it is scary! We then headed back to our hotel to turn in early. It was another Great day!

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