Epcot is one of my most favorite parks, well next to the Magic Kingdom of course. Today is the day that Dad, Laura, Brandon, Miss Joyce and Edna are going home, so they had to check out all all this morning. Dad, Miss Joyce and Edna slept in, so Laura, Brandon, Pete and I headed to Epcot pretty early, there were some things we wanted to see early to avoid lines and to just get going. In Animal Kingdom yesterday I pulled something in my leg so it was hurting really bad. I couldn’t sit out of Epcot though, so I pushed on. We got into Epcot and had the pictures taken with the Spaceship Earth Ball. Then we headed to the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Wow the finding Nemo ride was great, I loved the way they combined the cartoon fish and the real fish! WOW. We had no line (again) so we were quick in and out. Then after checking out the Nemo themed store we went right to the Land. We did the new non-human Living with the Land. Honestly I didn’t miss the narrators at all. Pete was really interested in the greenhouse part. While we were on this ride my Dad called and the rest of the Crew had arrived in Epcot. They headed right to the Land so we could all do Soarin together. OH.MY.GOD. What an amazing ride, I could have rode it over and over. After this ride Miss Joyce and Edna went their own way while the rest of us went over to Mission Space. Dad was kinda Scared and we tried to calm him down. I love this ride, the first time I rode it (over 3 years ago) I think we stood in line way over an hour, this time minutes! In the end Dad and Pete both said they would never do it again. My Dad said if we had to fly back from Mars he was going to get out and walk…LOL. Laura, Brandon and I loved it! It was great! Laura wanted to ride Test Track and Pete and I wanted to ride the boat across the lake in the middle, so those three went to Test Track and Pete and I had a relaxing, stomach calming ride across the water into Germany, this is where we had Lunch Plans.

Pete is German (well not from Germany, but you know) and his mom cooks pretty good german food. He was looking forward to the Buffet and the show. We checked out the shops and decided on getting a Cook Book for his Mom. We checked in and Laura, Brandon and Dad got there right on time. We were seated with a nice man traveling alone, he was a Disney veteran so it was really great to talk to him. The show was surprisingly good and the food was excellent. The Meatballs were some of the best I have ever had and the pretzel Bread, MMM MMM! Pete and Brandon each had 1.5 liters of German Beer so they were feeling good. After lunch it was about 12:30 and we decided to split up. I hugged and kisses my family and wished them a safe trip home. I was kinda sad to see my Dad and Laura and Brandon go. I was so happy they were able to come with us, I cherish the family time I have with them so much!

Pete and I rode the boat back so we could start our world tour in Mexico. We started talking to a nice couple from CA on the boat. The man had a Jedi Mickey Pin and Pete knew he needed one. So started our Pin hunt. We visited every Pin shop around Epcot and Pete collected a few. We started to get the whole PIn thing, how fun! Next time I will be buying some from Ebay to trade! So we went to Mexico and since the Ride there was closed it was a quick Mexican Tour. After that we headed for Norway. It’s been years since I thoroughly checked out each Country. We went in all the shops and decided to check out the Maelstrom boat ride. It was kinda lame. Pete wanted to try on hats in each country so we kept our eyes open for hats. The trip between Norway and China was really short. It was fun to see all of the Chinese Art.

We missed Mulan though. After China is the weird Outpost section. We did check out the pins here and ran into Miss Joyce and Edna. We said good bye to them and wished them safe travel. We were really going through the all of the Countries quickly. There were NO crowds, which I attribute to Super Bowl Sunday. It was great. Back in Germany we met Snow White and Dopey! I was so excited. They were really nice.

In Germany we didn’t have to stop much because we had explored it the first time around. Pete stopped into one of the shops and got us some German Chocolate. YUMMY! We sat on a bench and enjoyed our surroundings and ate our candy. It was nice to relax some! We went to Italy and wow I loved it. Such pretty buildings. We got a great glass of wine after posing for a bunch of pictures. It was desert wine so we had to have some dark chocolate with it. It was great. It was kinda like Raspberry flavored. If anyone knows the name of it please email me and let me know.

We sat some in Italy and sucked up the culture a bit before we headed off to the USA. I wanted to do the show here, but Pete was afraid we would miss some of the other countries, so we skipped it, I mean we do live in America 365 days a year, so if we had to skip something USA was it. We did however stop at the Pin store. In Japan Pete got pooped on by a bird. LOL I laughed so hard, he was ok with it. I cleaned him up with the Clorox wipes. I took some pictures while he shopped. My boy is a crazy gift shop lover. Japan is being remodeled a bit! Morocco was next and who did we run into but Jasmine, Aladdin and The Genie.

The art in Morocco was cool, it was neat to look around down the little Moroccan streets. Epcot really transports you to other Countries! When we got to France we checked out the shops and talked to a really nice guy about his Segway. Wow how cool are they? We were way early in our tour of the world. I thought it would take longer.

We crossed over the bridge after sitting for about a 1/2 hour and went to the UK. This place is so cool. We posed for
pictures in the phone booths. Pete got a Beer here also. Cause his 1.5 liters wasn’t enough in Germany. It was getting dark now and still almost an how before our dinner reservations at Le Cellier in Canada. We took our time looking around the UK and Pete thinks he would have liked to hang out here some in the day light.

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We checked in almost a full hour early for dinner, but it was no problem. Here we had the best meal of our trip. The great bread was really warm and fresh. We both had the famous Cheddar Cheese soup for an Appetizer. Pete had the 14 oz. New York Strip and I had the Mushroom Filet Migon. Mine was well done and I could cut it with my butter knife! YUM! We also had special Mango smoothies. Then the chore of picking desert (gotta love the meal plan). It was not hard for me, I had the Creme Brulee and Pete had the Chocolate Whiskey Cake. YUMMY. Our bill would have been $108 with out Disney Dining!

We were so full so we waddled our way to a bench in the UK, down on the water next to the Fish and Chip place. We had about an hour to wait and it was freezing. Now anyone who has been to Epcot knows how small the crowds were if we got a seat on a bench! I called my best gal pal Shannon to tell her all about the trip and Pete went to buy us a blanket in Canada, a nice Sheep Skin Blanket! A nice family from Canada sat next to us, they had driven all the way to Walt Disney World. The fireworks were so great, and so much greater up close like this.

When they were finally over we started the long walk to the busses. We had to stop at the Pin shops on the way, but no Jedi Mickey was to be found in Epcot. It was a late night. It was after 11 by the time we got back to our resort. I was so tired and my sore leg was killing me. I think I will always try to vacation during the Super Bowl, WOW what low crowds! I was asleep in about 2.5 minutes, My Minnie Mouse doll and me all snuggled up together!

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