Disney-MGM Studios

The wake up call came at 7:00am and I picked up and hung up the phone instantly! I didn’t want to think about getting up yet. My leg was killing me and I was tired! You really need to plan a day of rest in the middle of your trip! Pete was as tired as I was and begged me for more sleep. We were just beat! Next year we are going to start getting into shape way before we leave. Pete suggested we skip out on MGM, it was the park he was looking forward to the least, but there is no way I could miss Fantasmic! NO WAY! We had lunch planned for the Prime TIme 50’s cafe at 11:00 so we had to get up and shower and get dressed. We really just wanted to snuggle up together, but it was our last day of vacation so we pulled our tired selves up and headed on to The Disney MGM Studios. We get there and were happy to find that the bus stops were so close, with my sore leg and Pete’s blister we had decided to make this a slow day. Surprisingly we did get it all done though, almost the entire park in only 7 hours! We got to the 50’s prime time cafe and Pete was blown away with the coolness of it all. They called us to our table and it was a great one with a good TV right there. We got Blackberry sodas to drink and I got the fried Herb Cheese and Pete got the onion rings for an appetizer. For our main course I got the Chicken sandwich with Ham and swiss on it and Pete got the famous fried chicken. Our waiter “Cousin Jim” brought us our view master to pick our deserts. Pete got the smores and I got the angle food cake and berries. Of course we shared. It was a fun place to eat. Our bill would have been $75 with out Disney Dining. How can you pass up this great dining plan is beyond me.

We left lunch and walked right into the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. No line, again! Then we headed on to the Star Wars section. My little Stars Wars fan enjoyed him self here. From there we went to the Muppets 3D show, didn’t it used to be the Muppets 4D show? It was fun to see Pete’s reaction to this!

After that is was drizzling, it rain everyday we were here, but it didn’t bother us one bit! We sat under an umbrella a few minutes, then walked the streets of America. We stopped in the coffee shop so Pete could get a coffee. I got a water. We went and found a bench for the parade and shared a Macadamia Nut Praline, while we waited. The parade started and I remembered how this was my favorite parade. The cars are great! I was sad to see that Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater weren’t in it!

After the Parade we went to the Pin stand under the big hat and finally bought Pin Lanyards. I had almost $100 in Disney Dollars left so I treated us each to a few pins. Wish I would have done this early in the trip. We checked out the hand prints in front of the Great Movie ride before heading inside to check it out. I got the gangster, I always get the cowboy hijacking my ride vehicle so I was happy! Pete was happy cause he didn”t know one way or the other!

After this we went to see the Backlot tour. It was shorten to make room for the Stunt show. I miss Residential Street. When we left there Pete got to meet Sorcerer Mickey, his favorite. The joy in his eyes melted my heart!

After that we had just missed a little mermaid show, so we decided this would have to wait til next year. I love this show so much, but I wanted to get on Rockin Roller Coaster and The Tower of Terror before Fantasmic, so I gave it up (this time). We went to Rockin Roller Coaster and used our instant fast passes from the Disney Vacation Club tour. What a great ride. I knew Pete would love it and he did. We got a few pictures in front of the big Guitar.

We hurried over to Tower of Terror. The line was about 20 minutes, but so worth the wait. Pete was so scared when he came out of his seat! I laughed so hard and my neighbor and I grabbed hands. LOL

When we left there we went into the Hollywood Hills Theater to get a seat! I have usually entered by the filling station with the Fantasmic Dinner package tickets and I think the looong walk is shorter entering the entrance by Beauty and the Beast. I got us seats and Pete got us hot dogs and a pretzel to share. I called my Dad to find out who was picking us up from the Airport. The Fantasmic started. God I love this show. It’s so great! I was glad Pete liked it too. I got the soundtrack so we can enjoy it from home over and over again.

We went to the Christmas Store when the show was over and got two more Christmas Ornaments and a Picture Frame. I have a frame from all my trips (not including the one from when I was 3, but I am working on it) with a picture of the people I went with in them on a shelf. We walked and got some pictures of the Hat before heading to the bus.

Pete had to stand on the bus ride home, I felt bad for him cause i knew he had a blister. I offered him my seat, but he was like no way, you sit! I was so sad when we got back to the hotel. It was our last night. I went and got the front desk to check up in online and Pete went to pick up his purchases from Epcot, and a few last minute souvenirs, I told you my boy liked shopping. We met in the food court and got the last of our counter service meals to go. I ate in the hotel room and crashed! Packing could wait until the morning. Pete went back to the front to check on a lost package and I went right to sleep. I don’t even remember him coming back and getting into bed!


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