Date Night


Last night Pete and I had an old fashioned date.  We went to Bengie’s Drive in. We seen Bridge to Terabithia.  O.M.G.  I knew it was sad, I had read the book as a child, but I cried my eyes out!  I got so upset I had a nose bleed.  Pete laughed at me and kept teling me it was just a movie.  I am such a sap.  The weather was so perfect last night, nice and cool.  I love the old time snack bar, it is such a blast tothe past.  Sometimes I wish I lived in the 50’s.  It seems like it was sucha  great era!  The second movie was Meet the Robinson’s.  I fell alseep.  We ended up leaving before it was over.  It was a great date night!  I love the drive in. 

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It’s Friday again!

Last night Crystal and I went to the Aquadic Center and did the arobics class.  It was nice.  This morning Jodi and I are going back for another class.  I enjoy them so much.  I feel tired afterwards, but it is a good tired.  I have done really good at what I have been eating.  One of the only down sides to this working out thing is how horrible my nails look.  I think its from being in the water so much, the polish is all peeling and looking horrible.  But it’s all worth it.  Tonight I think Pete and I are going to the drive inn.  How much fun does that sound?  I love it so much!  I wish I had something interesting to post!  All my post have just been a ramble of crap lately.  It’s cause I like posting on wordpress so much.  Remember, just leave a comment if you don’t have the password yet.   

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Thursday, almost a weekend!

I am going to the Aquadic Center again tonight to work out.  I am loving it.  This week is flying by.  I am going to visit Nikki this weekend.  I love Ryleah so much.  I can’t wait to see her.  We are taking her to get Easter pics taken.  I am also going to cut Nikki’s hair and give her highlights.  Since I have been off work I have been cooking in the crock pot so much.  I love it.  Tonight I am making a pork roast in the crock pot.  Today I am cleaning the kitchen, and finishing the laundry.  I hate laundry, hate it.  I don’t mind washing clothes and only hate folding a little bit, what I really really hate is putting stuff away.  This post is all over the place.  Ugh, why is Sanjiah or how ever in the hell you spell it still there.  I am going to stop watching american idol if he doesn’t get kicked off soon!  I can not stand him!  I just ordered 300 pictures from our disney trip.  Here is the link if you wanna see them!    Warning, there are like 400 of them.  I could only cut it down to 300 to print.  I know I should have only ordered the 200 that will fit in our album, but it was my honey’s first trip.  I didn’t want to miss out on any of the great photos.  LOL  I am a picture Junkie! 

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I love wordpress.  It makes me want to blog.  I guess I was just bored with blogger.  I also love my lap top.  I know I said it before, but I do.  I also love Tori & Dean Inn Love.  LOL  She is so funny!  I also love the Drive inn.  I think we are going this weekend.  I also love my Tivo.  It’s so great.  Everyone needs Tivo.  Well This is all that I am loving tonight.  I will post more tommorrow.  Oh and of course I love my Petey!  LOL

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Pete told me last night that his friends R & E are coming to visit Easter weekend.  I have posted about this couple before.  They are the ones who don’t know how to have house guests!  I told Pete we needed to get this house in tip top shape.  He said why, thier house is dirty, I said exactally and I am uncompfortable there!  We really have to get our new living room completed.  We also need to clean out the guest room.  I have been piling stuff up in there since Christmas.  This is going to be so much fun!  LOL  I was hoping R and his little boy who is 10 would come alone.  I like R and I really like J (the little boy).  Oh well maybe next time!