The Kids

Tonight Pete and I babysat for Jodi’s kids. Katelyn and Ricky both love Pete so much. Tonight Pete was going over Jodi’s husbands MRI’s and Katelyn wanted to see. She climbed up on the kitchen chair and threw her little arm around Pete and was pointing and asking questions about “the Bones”. Katelyn has told us she wants to be an “Adjuster” when she grows up. Just the though of her wanting to be a Chiropractor has Pete so excited. We took the kids to Chik-fil-a for dinner and we had some interesting conversations in the car. We talked about Leperchauns and home my dad used to be one and that we have some that live in our house in the Key holder. It’s like a little door you open and we have always told her they live there. Then we talked about how there are real princesses that live in other countries then the kids were asking us about the president and how that works and then Katelyn anouced she wants to be the president. LOL When we got home we played Playstation and Katelyn almost combusted when she saw Ricky sit up on Pete’s lap. She doesn’t like to share. LOL While we were watching HIgh School Musical she laid acrossed Pete the entire two hours. It just melts me heart seeing him with the kids! He is going to be a great Dad!


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