I am so excited! I am Adventure in Travels newest Travel Consultant! Email me if you want to book a trip! I am so excited about this. I booked my first vacation today, it just so happends it was to Walt Disney WOrld (my Specialty!). Because of this new job and the fact that they run a web site that is not compatible with my beloved MAC, my sweet boyfriend, the best in the world, has bought me a laptop. A brand new DELL! I am a MAC girl, but what can you do! I am so excited. It will be here next week. It is my birthday gift, just 2 months early. But how super great is this! ALSO Pete got a call tonight from a friend of his and he has a good job oppertunity. It will be for in about a year when he is done his boards, and it would require us moving about an hour away, but it is still an awesome oppurtunity and I am excited about it! Lots new going on in my world in the past two days!

One Response to “NEW NEW NEW”

  1. foodiechickie Says:

    Congratulations to the both of you! Best of luck!

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