Great Saturday

I have had the very best Saturday today. It has been so fun! I woke up and Pete was rubbing my head telling me how special I am and how much he loves me. We laid in bed and talked about breakfast and how we are going to go to Cookies, our favorite breakfast place. I go to shower and get ready and Pete went out to clear the snow off of the truck and the deck. We went and had a wonderful breakfast. We then drove to Columbia Mall to the MAC store. My computer was acting a bit funky and I had a reservation at the GENUIS BAR there and the guy was super nice and he fixed all my little bugs. We also ended up with a Mighty Mouse, a New Key Board and a new dock connector cord for the iPod, all for only about $80.00! We got things off of the sale table. Then we walked around the mall and got fruit shakes. Mine was so darn good. It is so nice to have a guy that you love being with. I know everyone loves thier boyfriends/husbands, but I feel like there is something special with this guy. He gets me. We get along so well. I just love being with him, I love his thoughtfulness, his sence of humor, his compassion, his quirkyness, he is the one person in this world that I love being with above all other people. It’s so nice to know what true love feels like. I am so lucky to have this wonderful man as my own. Oh well, sorry I got off topic! So then we left Columbia and went to “Corn Beef Row” in downtown Baltimore. We went to Attman’s and got Samwiches. Beef Brisket for me, and Corn Beef for Pete. We also got a Corn Beef for my Dad since he is stuck at work. It was so good. After that we went to see a movie and pick up our overnight guest. Katelyn was so excited to see Pete, she can really talk your head off. Now we are home and those two are asleep and I am heading to bed. I am a lucky girl to have such a great day!


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