Katelyn & The Leprechan

About two years ago Pete bought a Key box to hang on the wall. It has a door and a little knob. After we installed it Pete told Katelyn & Ricky that it was a little door for Leprechans. Well low and behold Katelyn has never forgotten that. She called a few minutes ago to see if the Leprechans have came out to “Celebrate thier Special day”. Pete told her no, we haven’t seen them yet today then she asked the dreaded question, Can she come over to see if they are out. We usually tell her they are insde and we can not open the door and we try and try and it doesn’t open. Katelyn is a “Spend the night” kinda girl so today’s phone call was a lot like the calls we get almost every weekend. She has our phone number memorized. So tonight we are picking her up and having a sleep over. She is really excited because her mom bought green cupcakes and she has one for her and one for Pete (Notice not one for me!). I am pretty much chopped liver next to Pete, but it’s ok. Here is a little card I wrote up to leave inside the “Leprechan’s Door”:


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