Here is a list of my favorite wedding dresses to date. I am not engaged, but we talk about it and I just started looking.

Dress One

Dress Two

Dress Three

Dress Four

Dress Five

Dress Six

Dress Seven

Dress Eight

Dress Nine

Dress Ten

Dress Eleven

Dress Twelve

Dress Thirteen

Dress Fourteen

Dress Fifteen
Dress Sixteen

Dress Seventeen

Dress Eighteen


5 Responses to “Dresses”

  1. Christina Says:

    Those are all so pretty and will make you look like a fairy princess. I especially like the purplish one…that’s so you!

  2. Lisanne Says:

    I like #5 and #10. I think that a dress with just a hint of purple ~ embroidery or maybe ribbon ~ would suit you *so* well! 🙂

  3. Ani Says:

    Oooh Lisa they are all so pretty and regal. Very royalty like. My faves are 12 and 15. Heh heh. I agree a little purple in their some where would be fabulous.

  4. Lisa Says:

    My favorites are #3 and #5, but they are all beautiful. Very Cinderella-like 🙂

  5. Jamie Says:

    That purple’ish one would be so pretty!!! I love all of them though.

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