Change of Events

Around 11:30 R & E said that they would be here around 5ish. Well then around 3 we got a call from R saying he was on his was alone. They stopped at E’s Cousin’s house and she decided to stay there. This made me Happy and Mad all at the same time. Happy because she isn’t coming and I won’t have to pretend or entertain her while the boys play. Mad because if I knew it was just R coming the house would have been alot less clean, also I am mad I didn’t get to kill her with kindness and show her how a good hostess acts, also I am mad because I made enough food for 8 people and it’s just the three of us here. I am happy because Pete is happy and is enjoying his time with R. R is a nice guy, a hardworker and a good dad!

I made alot of good food. We are having Hamburgers, Brats, Deviled Eggs, Maccaroni Salad, Toss Salad, Cucumber Salad and Brownies for Desert


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