I think this is the latest in the day I have posted since switching to wordpress and getting my laptop.  Speaking of my laptop, it is still amazing.  I love it!  Last night Lauren spent the night with us.  She is such a cool kid.  She is definitely her own person.  She is the only 14 year old I know who loves Broadway and musicals.  She is a dance and a good one at that.  She played on myspace for hours, then we went to bed.  This morning after dragging her ass out of bed we went to water aerobics.  The teacher worked us so hard.  When I got home I was so tired I crashed out for a two hour nap.  Water Arobics kicks my ass, I am so tired when it’s over.  Lauren watched a movie on lifetime while I slept. That lifetime movie network sure sucks girls in early.  I know I can be captivated by a lifetime movie!    

2 Responses to “Late”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I love me some Lifetime movies! lol Seriously. What I call a good day is lounging around in PJ’s watching Lifetime movies all day. If I could get paid for doing that, life would be grand!!

  2. Lisanne Says:

    OMG! When I saw your blog entry title ~ “Late” ~ I thought that you were going to say that your period was late and you might be pregnant! LOL! 🙂 How funny is that???

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