My Girls

I have nothing really on my mind this evening.  I am just chilling on the sofa, enjoying my new room.  I am still loving it so much. 

Tomorrow Nikki, Crystal and I are getting together.  I love these girls.  They are my peeps!  We have been friends forever, Nikki and I since we were 8 and Crystal and I for 11 or 12 years.  That is a long time for girls to be friends.  If you are a girl you know what I mean!  We have had our falling-outs, but we were true friends, the kind of friends who can look past the disagreements and stick together because you are the other’s ones support system.  I would be lost with out these girls.  They are both moms now and their kids are two of my favorite kids in the world.  I love them so much.  They are like my niece and nephew.  They bring me joy and happiness.  I hope I am always part of their lives.  When Crystal’s little boy calls me “Aunt Lisa” it just melts my heart!  So anyway we try to get together every couple of months as a threesome (now fivesome) to act like 17 year olds again.  We gossip, giggle, vent and occasionally stalk.  LOL  It’s great.  I do see Nikki and Crystal separately all the time.  I being childless (in a good way) have the freedom to do that.  It takes some planning to get the three of us all free at the same time.  When we all lived together we were wild girls, or “Hot Bitches” as we liked to call ourselves.  We had a party or at least a semi small gettogether 4 out of 7 nights a week.  We would get drunk off our asses and have such good times.  We would have a house full of guys any given night.  Who cared about work the next day, we could always call in “Drunk”  I kid you not! 

This was our fridge at any given time:



 Nikki and I had bedrooms upstairs and Crystal’s was downstairs.  There were many of mornings Nikki and I would go down and crawl into Crystal’s bed and we would talk about the party the night before and then what kinda pizza to order for breakfast.  LOL  There are so many memories of those years we lived together.  One time a friend of mine and I fell asleep on the sofa.  He was just a friend, a cute one but still just a friend.  We had spend the night drinking Malibu and singing Karaoke until we crashed out on the sofa.  Well Crystal came up and seen us snoozing and ran and got Nikki then the two of them tried to wake me up to see if I have slept with this friend.  LOL  I was like NO, but I am calling out of work today.  LOL  This other time Nikki woke me up cause she heard something in the basement and she wanted me to listen and tell her what it was.  I ran down with a baseball bat because I thought someone had broken in.  It was Crystal’s boyfriend that I didn’t know was coming over.  I almost clubbed him to death! LOL  Oh and this other time we heard a pager going off and we all three ran out of the house (none of us had a pager) and straight to a guy friends house.  He came and checked the whole house and then found the pager in the sofa.  It wasn’t a killer in the house, just a pager lost in the sofa cushions!  Who knows who it belonged to.  LOL  So damn funny!  Here are some of our Best/Funniest pictures!    

 The Early Years 

Click the Link for more if these just arn’t enough for you!



2 Responses to “My Girls”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    hehehe love the pictures… and omg your fridge… never seen so much booze in one fridge lol…

  2. Lisanne Says:

    I agree with Shannon … dude, you could have opened up a liquor store! LOL! 🙂 I’m *so* glad that you have best friends like that, with whom you can talk … hang out … share your feelings … etc. They sound like great girls (well, women!).

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