What a Wonderful Weekend…

I had another great weekend.  This one was so really busy.  I am going to recap it all I hope.  I am writing this all in word, because my power is out, it’s been out all day, well all day since I got home from Water Aerobics. As to Aerobics.  I love it.  The people are so nice.  It is something I am going to miss, probably the most once I start working full time. 


Friday Nikki and Ryleah came over after her Doctor appointment.  I love this little girl.  We had a good visit and a good lunch.  I got to play beauty shop and wax Nikki’s Eyebrows.  Then Ryleah wanted a turn so I faked it and waxed her’s too.  When we were done we took a ride over to Jodi’s so Katelyn could visit Ryleah.  Well Ryleah fell in LOVE with the swing.  Serious, I want to marry you love!  LOL  Just as soon as we put Ryleah in the car to get Pete from work she fell asleep.  Poor little thing was out cold.  When we got back home Crystal was there.  It was so nice to see my Girls.  We got both car seats in my car and we went to dinner.  Dinner with the three of us (plus two) takes a good 2 hours.  We can’t just go eat.  We have so much to talk about and share.  At dinner Crystal got out these cheesy love letters from her husband (they are separated and she is much better off with out him).  We laughed at them and traded lipsticks and played with the kids.  Then we went cruising around Pasadena.  LOL  Afterwards we came home and Pete adjusted us all and we hung out for a while longer.  Then the kiddies were so tired the girls left and Pete and I snuggled up on the sofa for some “US” time.  I fell asleep on the sofa, of course….LOL. 

Just a Swinging


Saturday Morning Pete and I went to Breakfast.  YUM!  It was so good.  I don’t know if it was because I haven’t eaten breakfast food for 3 weeks and they are my favorites, or if because it was just really really good.  Then I went on over to Jodi’s and got the kids.  They had baseball/softball practice.  They had a ball…LOL!  They looked so cute.  It’s Katelyn and Ricky’s first year playing.  I had told the kids we were going to have a surprise today.  Katelyn wanted clues and the ones I gave her were.  1.  You have never been there, 2. It’s inside,  3. It starts with an “S” and 4. You have to get naked.  LOL  Well she wasn’t too excited about the naked part.  It was lunch time and we were all hungry so we picked up Pete and headed to the Greenhouse Grill for lunch.  After lunch we had time to kill, the surprise wasn’t until 5ish.  We went to Downs Park.  It is one of my favorite parks.  It has a great playground and is right on the water.  The kids had alot of fun and of course I was playing paparazzi.  I got tons of pictures.  I will just share a few.  First they played on the playground, then we went to the nature center and used the bathroom.  We walked out this pier and I stoodon this gazebo thing and stared at the water for about as long as the kids would let me.  Then we walked around and when it started to drizzle we left.  It only cost $5 to get in and it is a great park!  I asked what the kids wanted to do and of course they wanted Ice Cream.  We headed to Brewster’s and they enjoyed their Ice Cream.  The time was close to head to the swim center.  When we were getting the bags out of the car Katelyn spotted the bathing suits and figured it all out.   LOL  They LOVED IT!  I had alot of fun too.  When we left there is was 8pm and the kids were beat, so after stopping by my house to get my PJ’s we headed home and to bed shortly there after.  Whoa…..What a busy day!

Downs Park


Lauren wanted to take my Picture!

Katelyn, Lauren & Ricky

Sisterly Love

Yum…Ice Cream!






Thank goodness Jodi has a king sized bad because I woke up with all 3 kids in bed with me.  LOL  I hurried up and gave the kids showers and get them dressed for Sunday School.  WOW and we were on time too.  Lauren and I went to have breakfast with Pete while they were at Sunday School.  We made plans for the rest of the day while we were eating.  When I picked the kids up we went home and played some games for hours and had lunch.  I voted for a nap, but was out voted.  LOL  Pete came over to Lauren with her Biology homework.  It’s their thing, science…yuk!  Once Jodi and Rick got home Pete, Lauren and I went to the movies.  We seen Disturbia…..OMG  Go see it!  That’s all I have to say.  After the movie we went back to Jodi’s and Pete got sucked into 2 games of checkers with the kids while Jodi, Rick and I talked.  We made it home just in time for The Soprano’s.  Then we hit the sack.

 WHAT A WEEKEND!  Could I as for anything more…..I think not!


3 Responses to “What a Wonderful Weekend…”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    that water park looks amazing!!!

  2. shannylj Says:

    I’m too afraid to see Disturbia! That main dude creeps me out so much! Great pics!

  3. Lisanne Says:

    Those are just wonderful pictures! Glad you had fun! I like the photo that Lauren took of you.

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