Sensational Saturday

I am so very tired!  I have had a busy day.  It was great though!  The day started out fabulously.  I was getting dressed because Pete was taking me to Breakfast at my favorite Breakfast place…Cookie’s City Line Diner.  Well I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear, I was looking for clean jeans and I happened to find a pair of Capris.  These Capris were ones I bought back in December for our Christmas trip to AZ.  Well when we were in AZ I went to put the Capris on and they didn’t fit.  Sure I could jump my way into them, but the were way too TIGHT!  They looked awful!  Well this morning I slipped right into them.  I was sooo excited!  Here is the picture I got Pete to take of me this morning.

It just makes me so happy that these capris just sliped right on.  So after the improptu photo shoot we went to breakfast.  I was so good and got a bowl of strawberries and a bagel.  It wasn’t very crowded and we had a nice breakfast.  Afterwards we went to the grocery store and Walmart.  We got some vitamins and other stuff we needed.  Pete got a nice pair of clip on sunglasses for his eye glasses.  We have been looking for a pair that was the exact size and shape of his glasses.  They arn’t an average shape and we have had one hell of a time finding them.  We have been looking atleast 5 months! We decided to have a seafood fest tonight.  We bought all of the ingeredance we needed.  We then took a trip to the Cross Street Market.  We got fresh fish, fruit and some flowers from the market.  Pete went to the RawBar and had some oysters.  YUK!  LOL  After all of our shopping we went to rent movies.  LOL  We went into the “adults only room”.  I have never been in one before.  We had a ball laughing at some of the titles.  My favorite was M.I.L.F. and Cookies.  LOL  We didn’t rent any dirty ones, but did get De ja Vue.  It doesn’t even come out until Tuesday so I don’t know why they were renting it out, I don’t really care why, I am just glad we got it.  We came home and popped it in and I fell asleep!  I always fall asleep during movies at home.  After the movie was over Pete woke me up and we started cooking dinner.  We made some good stuff.  Stuffed Mushroom Caps, Orange Roughy and Stuffed Shrimp. 


After we ate we headed to the Airport to take my Dad some dinner.  He met us in the Cell Phone Lot and had dinner and we talked.  After he ate Pete and I went to buy a gift certificate for my Uncle, his birthday party is tomorrow afternoon.  We went to Brusters and got Ice Cream cones.  I got the tiny baby cone, it’s like two bites and it is all I can stand without getting sick!  We are now just lounging on the sofa relaxing and talking about our fun day!


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