Well not totally Hot, but really near Hot.  It is like 85 degrees here in Baltimore!  Last week it was like 39 degrees!  This weekend was just beautiful.  Today I took Miss Joyce to the airport, and then I had to run out and pick up my business cards.  If you would like some leave me a comment or an email and I will mail you some out.  Also email me or leave a comment if you want my web site for the travel agent thing.  It is almost done now.  After I picked up my cards I went to the State Park for a bit, it was just so nice out.  I then washed my car.  Boy did it need it.  It is all clean and pretty again!  I got so hot doing it though.  In the sun it is really hot!  I really hate being hot.  After I got done all of my morning errands I was going to surprise Pete with lunch down at his office, but he surprised me and went and got lunch early.  He is working late tonight so I wanted to see him and have a nice lunch.  He is going to start working 4 – 10 hour days a week.  This week that is really super cause we are going to Ocean City for the weekend.  I am really excited about it!  I love getaways. 

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