Vegas Baby

On Friday my sister went to Las Vegas to celebrate her anniversary.  I love Las Vegas.  She is coming home at midnight tonight.  They didn’t win big, but have had alot of fun.  This is the first trip that I have booked as a Travel Agent, where they have went.  I have book other trips, but the clients have not traveled yet.  Laura and Brandon stayed at the Luxor.  That is the triangle shaped hotel with the bright light on top.  They say that the light on top can be seen from outterspace.  Yesterday they went to visit the Hoover Dam also.  Here are a few pictures Laura sent me from her camera phone:

Hotel Fountains


Laura’s Big Win


Las Vegas Sky



One Response to “Vegas Baby”

  1. shannylj Says:

    It KILLS me how when anyone from your family goes on vacation y’all talk on the phone the entire time so by the time they get home you know exactly all that’s happened. No stories to tell! Except maybe, the walk from the plane to baggage claim was really nice. Glad she had fun though! I’d be thrilled to win $210!

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