Sooo Sleepy

I am so very tired today.  Tony came over and we had dinner.  Crab Cakes and Salads.  Yummy!  We got his eyebrows all waxed up, they were a bit out of control, it’s been about 5 months since he has them done.  After his waxing we sat around and talked for hours, Pete joined us after about an hour or so of our gossiping.  LOL  Tony loves a good gossip.  After Pete joined us the talk changed to bands and concerts.  Not nearly as exciting as who is sleeping with who and who is moving around and all.  It is so good to just hang out with Tony.  We used to hang out maybe 4 or 5 nights a week in our younger years.  Sleepovers, dinners, movies, wrestling, parties, drinking til we couldn’t remember our own names.  But we grew up, got boyfriends/girlfriends and just stopped hanging out so much.  Sure we exchange emails and chat on messenger and on the phone, he actually just called to find out if Pete had anything to say about him.  It was good to hang out.  I would like to have a cookout this summer and invite all of the guys.  There were three or four of them and me and Nikki and Crystal, we were the gang.  It was kinda like an episode of friends all the time in our house.  Tony left around 11:45.  Most of you know I like to go to bed around 9ish, 10:00 at the latest! 

I went to Laura’s this morning to play Karaoke Revolution.  When I go there I made us breakfast and the two of us hung out this morning.  I love my sister so much, she can be so much fun!  I left around noon and I came home to wash our clothes for this weekend’s fabulous getaway!  I can not wait.  We don’t have as much money for this weekend as I was hoping for, but will should still have a good time.  We are going to fish, and walk on the boardwalk, we may even rent bikes to ride on the boardwalk.  I will visit my Mom’s memorial tree.  It will be a fabulous fabulous weekend!  I love so much when Pete and I are together.  I love the talks we have in the car.  We plan out our future driving long disances.  LOL 

Well I better go and get my self together, I have clothes to fold and more to put into the dryer.  I also have to get ready for Lauren’s Dance Recital tonight!    


One Response to “Sooo Sleepy”

  1. Christy Says:

    Road trips can be so much fun! Hope you guys have a great time! I’m sure you will!

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