Blast from the Past….

It is so weird hearing from my ex boyfriend.  It was so weird to find out he is a Dad and that one of his little girl’s has a name I always used to want to name my daughter, like a long time ago probally around the time we dated.  It got really popular so I don’t like it as much anymore.  He was never really the fatherly type, we used to hang at bars, once in a while even a strip club, and now he is such a great Dad, I really admire the way he has stepped up, he is a single dad of two little girls now.  He has been really nice, he had so many nice things to say about me, things I didn’t know he thought when we were going out.  He has told me time and time again that he is bummed that I am not single, which makes me feel so good.  I like knowing I still got it.  😉  He asked me the other day if I was sure Pete was the one, he said he really doesn’t want to see me get hurt, I am too sweet for that, that he is always available if I change my mind.  I assured him Pete is great and I was not going to leave my honey and run off with him…LOL  He laughed at me and told me that most of all he misses my goofyness.  Me, goofy?  LOL  He also calls me his good little Catholic Girl.  He is Catholic too, one of his uncles is even a priest. It is really good to catch up with him. 


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