Pete is my boyfriend.  He is the greatest man I have ever met, next to my Dad of course.  Today Nikki and I were talking about my ex, and it got us to talking about Pete and how he is just a stand up good guy. Pete and I talk all the time about getting married, about our future kids, about our future life, but secretly am in no rush, I don’t want to wish my life all away.  I am happier now then I have ever been, I don’t want that to change.  Sure I can’t wait until we are married and start our future together, but if that doesn’t happen for a year or two I am ok with it, I know it will happen.  I mean nothing is going to change once we get married, except my last name.  LOL  We share a house, a bed and a bank account, a life now, all very well I might add.  We have the best time together, like this last weekend, we were together for 72 straight hours and never once got sick of each other.  He is the most handsome man I have ever seen, he entertains me, he makes me happy, he is smart, so smart, he is funny, he is sweet, he is kind, he loves me whole heartedly, he respects me, he is caring, he is an awesome provider and he loves my friends kids.  I love when I ask him how much he loves me and he holds up his fingers to to show me.  LOL  He is my soulmate, he is everything I could ever want in a guy.  Most of all I know he will never let me down, he will always be there for me and do the right thing, he is just that type of guy!  I am so glad I have him!


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