Happy Birthday Katelyn

Katelyn is turning 7 years old tomorrow! I can not believe it.  She was my baby.  I love her so much, she is so funny and so entertaining.  Pete and I took Miss Katelyn to the Rainforest Cafe for a special Birthday Dinner.  We are going to be out of town this weekend and will miss her birthday party.  I am sad about missing it, but she will be busy with all of her friends, so it is ok.  We took her gifts to the Rainforest and she opened them after we ordered.  She loved it.  Check out my Flickr for all of the pics, but these few were my favorites!


Katelyn is so very special to both Pete and I.  She is such a ham and to have a conversation with her is priceless.  She loves spending the night with us.  She has such a crush on my boy.  The other day we were at Jodi’s playing in the basement with the kids.  We were playing CARS on Playstation 2 and Ricky happened to get on Pete’s lap, I thought Katelyn was going to turn inside out!  She was so jelous!  It is really cute.  Pete had never been to the Rainforest Cafe.  I think he really enjoyed himself.  I know Katelyn did.  It was nice to have a “three person date” as Katelyn called it.   

Busy Day

I have had a good day.  I got up and headed off to Water Aerobics.  My teacher sprained her ankle and we had a replacement teacher.  She sucked.  She had no personality.  The swim center is closed for two weeks.  It is going to suck.  Two weeks without exercise!  I am going to have to find an alternate exercise for those two weeks.  After swim class I went to Jodi’s for lunch.  We watched Days of Our Lives and then I fell asleep.  She woke me up after like an hour.  LOL  Then I went to Laura’s and we hung out a while.  After a quick trip to the grocery store I came home to make a great dinner.  We had Ham, Cabbage, Mac & Cheese, and Corn on the Cob.  I also made Brownies.  YUM!  Dinner was so good.  Now I am catching up with my friend Shannon from my old job….Gosh I miss her!  We have made a dinner date for next week. 

I have another meeting about a job tommorrow.  I am wearing my new dress.  I am excited about it.  I love the dress.  This job is at a seafood wholesaler.  It seems interesting and we will see how it goes. 

Product Whore

I am a product whore.  I love products.  I have cut back in my buying since I have went from full time employment to part time.  This is one of the reasons I NEED a full time job.  Lets start from the morning and work to the night.

Wake up and shower.  Number of Products: SEVEN   Shampoo, Conditioner, some times Deep Conditioner, Face Wash, Shower Gel, Shaving Gel, Bath Salt or Bath Bomb (if taking a bath too).

Hair Care.  Number of Products: FOUR  Gel, Mouse, Hair Spray, Root Volumizer.

Skin Care.  Number of Products: EIGHT Face Moisturizer (day), Face Moisturizer (Night), Under Eye Cream, Weekly Pore Mask, All Over Mousterizer, Sparkle Powder, Cuticle Cream.

This list doesn’t contain Perfume, Make up (NINE Products Easily), Nail Polish, or any other extras. 

 I love products.  Lush, Bath & Body Works, Sephoria are all some of my favorite web sites.  What are some of your favorites? 

Smells So Sweet!

When we went to Ocean City for the Spring fest my Dad let Laura and I pick out some things we wanted for our Birthdays.  One of the things I picked is this: 

It is a candle in a Pitcher and it looks just like a frosty pitcher of Lemonade.  I love the ice cubes.  The man said that this candle will burn over 1000 hours and if I bring the pitcher back to him next year he will refill it for half price!

If you look behind the candle you can see the counter clutter.  I hate counter clutter.  Right now it is only my keys, my camera case, Pete’s iPod and his wallet.  Just knowing this stuff is there drives me nuts.  Usually there is mail all over the counter also.  I hate it, and clean it off 4 times a week.

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God Bless You!

I was such a mean girl tonight.  Poor Pete has these new aquired Allergies and he is sneezing like no ones business, he is blowing his nose, using the Neti Pot, taking some OTC meds.  He is miserable! Well he is also a sniff-er.  I am a blow-er (that sounds dirty….LOL).  Tonight we were watching a movie and he sniffed, literly like 60 times in 20 minutes.  I said in a snippy voice “There are tissues on the coffee table!”  Well he didn’t get one!  UGH!!!!!!!!!!  So everytime he sniffed I gave him a dirty look, until finally he got pissed and went into the other room.  Then I felt horrible.  I still feel bad, but it is driving me nuts.  The sniffing and the sneezing!  Ugh the sneezing, why is it so freaking loud.  Sometimes it scares the shit out of me!  I dropped a plate last night cause it scared me.  I know it is not his fault, but these damn allergies are driving us both crazy! 

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Fun Day


This evening Laura and I went to have an ice cream treat with Sherri and the girls.  We had a nice visit.  The ice cream stand is about half way between Sherri’s house and my house.  My Mom used to meet them all the time there and Sherri calls me every once in a while to go get some Ice Cream.  Tabitha is Sherri’s oldest little girl and my Mom always used to say we were so alike.  I didn’t see it when she was a baby or little girl, but now that she is an age I actually remember being I do see it.  It must be why I love her so much!  She was hinting around today about a movie date.  LOL

Speaking of Movies Pete and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 today.  It was so good.  The comedy elements of it were hysterical.  LOL  That Johnny Depp is such a great actor.  If you go see it make sure you sit through the 10 minutes of credits so you get to see the last minutes of the film.  They hid it after the credits.  LOL  It was great. 

When the movie was starting the Disney Castle came on and Tinkerbell flew around it and sprinkled some pixie dust, you know like before every Disney movie and I got all teary eyed.  I know I am a big dork, but I can’t help it.  I don’t know if I love Disney World so much, or if I love the memories that go with it.  Remember if you are planning a Disney trip or know someone who is, let me help you plan it!  Just email me.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and enjoyed thier day off of work! 


I finished my DVD from the vacation, all that was left was the cover.  I used some of my best pictures from our vacation and I made a great cover this morning using Photo Shop.   

I love Photoshop.  I took the picture of Mickey Mouse in MGM.  I always ask the characters for pictures of them alone when we are having our pictures taken with them, for this very reason.  The little inset pictures are of the Park’s main icons and the sign in the front of our hotel. 

 Today we went to Jodi’s for a cookout.  Katelyn (at the age of 6) decided she wanted to have a cookout for the holiday.  It was a nice cookout, but hot as all get out!  O.M.G.  We spent most of the time in the house because it was so very hot.  It was hot inside too, Jodi’s air conditioner is not installed yet.  We stayed for a few hours, but we had to leave, we were so freaking hot.  We keep our house cold, like 69 degrees cold downstairs, upstairs is always so much hotter.  I don’t like being hot in the least!  I made my famous deviled eggs today and they were a hit, gone in like 5 minutes.  I love corn on the cob.  It was a really good batch of it too.  Yummy… 

When Pete and I got home we took a nap, since I was up late last night (AGAIN!).  I love naps with my boy.  He rubs my butt, which I love when I am falling asleep and we just snuggle on up!  He is the best nap partner!  Naps are always better with someone else.  Remember that episode of friends where Ross and Joey had the best nap ever.  LOL  Well Pete says him and his friend Edwin had the best nap ever together while in college.  LOL  Too funny!