Stuck at Home

I am stuck at home today waiting on the Cable people.  I wish I didn’t have to have Comcast.  They suck so bad.  I can not wait until Verizon comes to our area with their fiber optic service.  UGH!  It is driving me nuts.  The cords leading to my cable box have a long way to go and they (the demon cable men) say that is why my signal is low.  Well I don’t care, they should fix it.  They installed it.  Well they are coming back again today and I am sitting here waiting.  I did do some travel agent work.  FYI, If you are interested in booking a trip, especially one to Walt Disney World let me know.  I can help.  If you travel to Walt Disney World between August 26 and September 22 you will get the Disney Dining Plan for FREE!  That is 38.99 per person for FREE.  Disney doesn’t give free things away very often so you should cash in on it!

Thursday I am going to go to Ocean City with my sister and Dad.  Just the three of us.  Doesn’t that sound like fun.  we are staying until Saturday Morning.  It is Spring Fest down the Ocean.  It is a 3 day festival of crafts, music, food and fun.  I am really looking forward to it.  It will be fun hanging out with them. 

Today is May 1.  My Birthday is in only 18 days, on the 19th.  I can not believe it is so close.  I love my Birthday.  I can not wait!  I already got my awesome gift from Pete, my Lap top (told you I had a great boy).  We may go away for the weekend of my Birthday.  I am not sure though.  We will see.  I love birthday surprises.  Shannon surprised the crap out of me last year when she showed up at my birthday dinner! 


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