Ocean City Recap

We had a great trip to Ocean City.  It was way too short.  We left around 10 am on Thursday and got to the Ocean around 1:00pm.  On the way down my dad kept looking for Deer as he was driving.  He scared us to death! 


 LOL We headed to the festival and listen to some bands and checked out all of the craft tents and sampled some great food.  It was kinda chilly the first day.

Laura and I found some things we wanted for our birthday and started dropping hints to my dad!  I ended up buying Laura a lounge chair as her birthday gift from Pete and I. 


There was a Rod Stewart tribute band there and I got Laura to ask Sir Rod for a picture!  


It was freezing while watching the outside bands.  Brrrr!

We spent alot of time laughing these past few days!  We then went to Harborside for happy hour.  They have the best food and drinks there. 



After dinner we went to a bar where my dad and Laura are locals, even though the bar is 3 hours from our house.  LOL  We were all tired and went home and were asleep with in an hour.  While we were getting ready my dad took out this ugly ass shirt, it was like brown velvet.  My sister hid it in my pants leg.  So my dad gets all ready and has a tee shirt on.  Then he starts looking for the ugly shirt.  My sister and I act like we don’t know what he is talking about.  And he proceeds to tear the condo apart looking for it.  He tossed our stuff all over and didn’t find it.  He looked in the drawers like 100 times.  Finally after like an hour I caved and told him where it was.  We were laughing so hard! When we woke up on Friday it was sunny and really pretty out.  I, of course wore lots of sunblock.  I still got burned to a crisp! 


We met up with my grandfather and his girlfriend and my aunt and cousin and we spent the day from 10am-8pm at the festival.  It was fun!  We seen about 6 bands preform.   We had another great day and my dad bought us the things we wanted for our birthdays.  We went home around 8 and fell right asleep again!  I am so sore!  SO Sore! 

3 Responses to “Ocean City Recap”

  1. shannylj Says:

    I love that your grandfather has a girlfriend! So glad y’all had a good time!

  2. shannylj Says:

    By the way, your boobs look huge in that last pic! Way to go!

  3. Lisa Says:

    It’s the new bras!

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