Laura in Action

Today on the way home from Ocean City we were talking to my Dad about vacations he used to take as a child and then my Dad said look……and we looked over to the other side of traffic and we seen a horrible Motorcycle crash!  There was something in the road and the motorcycle couldn’t avoid it.  We seen bodies fly int he air and bikes too.  My dad pulled right over and my sister jumped out and ran over to the victim.  I called 911.  My sister went over to the lady who was on the back of the bike and stabilized the head.  She sat there for 40 minutes holding her head still.  She was in charge, telling people what to do, getting vitals, telling the first EMT’s on the scene how to do their job!  It was exciting.  I was so proud of her.  The lady seemed ok when we left, lots of bruising and a broken wrist.  They called for the medivac and flew her out to a trauma center.  Laura was so great!  I went to the car and got the camera and snapped some candid shots.