No Title

I don’t have a title today.  I couldn’t think of one.  Spiderman 3 was so good last night.  There were parts that I even yelled out.  LOL  Today I got up and made Pete’s breakfast and lunch like I do every day and then he tells me he doesn’t need lunch.  I hate when he doesn’t tell me ahead of time.  It was ok though because he was working late so he took it with him to eat around 5 or 6.  I hate when he works late, it cuts into our time.  It’s weird how I never seem to get sick of him, never want him to just go home.  Good thing because this is his home.  LOL  He has lived here over two years now and it just feels right.  I was never a believer of living together before you were married.  Then I met Pete and just wanted him around all the time.  He was planning on moving to NJ after his roomates moved away and he was just going to “stay here” for a month or two, then he just couldn’t leave me.  I am so glad.  I would sit in the TV room and just cry thinking about him leaving.  I was the happiest girl in the world when he told me he was staying.  The rest is history!

Today my sister and I went shopping.  I got some hair dye and a highlighting kit.  I am going to try to recreate my color.  I used to get highlights in the salon, but I just can’t pay $200 on hair now.  Pete would kill me.  LOL  So we will see what $20 of hair dye and my skillfulness will come up with.  I will post pictures soon!  That was my big purchase today, Laura’s was a new digital camera.  It is purple, which is always a plus for me.  I hope she likes it!


I can not wait until next week when I get paid.  I got my eye on either this laptop bag or this one. I can’t decide.  Which one do you guys like better?



or Purple



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