Happy Mother’s Day

Today started out not so good.  I cried for about a half hour, for no real reason except that I am sad and miss my Mom.  After that I calmed down and did dishes, then my Dad, Laura and Brandon came over and the five of us went to the farmer’s market.  It was fun to do something all together.  Pete and I got some good fresh stuff for dinner and my Dad bought a tomato plant and Brandon got some honey straws.  LOL  It was a good morning.  When we got home Pete adjusted everyone and then my Dad and I went to the grave yard.  When we got there the grave yard gave everyone a balloon to write a message to your loved one and my dad and I wrote one to our Mom’s.   Then at 1pm the graveyard let all the balloons go.  It was so pretty!  When I was looking through the pictures to find the picture of Laura for the birthday post I found a picture of my Mom and I from her first Mother’s day.  I was a week away from being one.  I was born 5 days after mother’s day in 1978.  Look how my Mom is looking at me, she loved me sooo much!

 This picture is one of my favorites.  It is the last Mother’s day picture we have.  My Mom died about two weeks after Mother’s day the year after this picture was taken, but that last Mother’s day she wasn’t up for pictures.

Mother’s day is such a hard day, the whole month of May is hard.  There is my sister’s birthday, my birthday, Mother’s day and the anniversary of Mom’s death, all rolled into one month.  It is so hard to have a birthday without the person who gave birth to you.  Mother’s day is probably the hardest day because it is a day dedicated to Mom’s and when you arn’t a mom and don’t have a mom to celebrate with it is tough.  I did have a great time looking through all of the pictures from my first few years.  Here is a little slide show of some of my favorites:

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