Cliques are everywhere.  The newest and kinda surprising one I have found is at Water Aerobics.  I try to go three times a week.  I really like going in the mornings because it is less crowded then as night.  I do go some nights with Crystal though.  Anyway during the day I am the youngest person there by atleast 20 years.  I don’t mind at all.  I have even made friends with the older ladies.  There is definite cliques in water aerobics.  There is the “Cool Ladies” the “New Rich Ladies” the “Annoying Pain in the Ass Ladies”, and a few who don’t really fit in anywhere.  I am the most friendly with the “Cool Ladies”  We talk and sit in the hot tub after class, even go to lunch the last Friday of the month.  They are funny and nice, but they really hate the “Annoying Pain in the Ass Ladies”.  The “Annoying Pain in the Ass Ladies” used to drive me nuts.  They jump all over the place, they shout out at weird times, they steal your spot, they take your weights like they belong to them they where bikinis that don’t fit.  LOL  I knew all of this for weeks, but today in the hot tub, Shelia and Ruth and Mable all told me about their great dislike of these ladies.  I was glad it wasn’t just me.  They don’t like the “New Rich Ladies” either.  I introduced myself to them and was friendly, but they are a bit of a pain in their designer suits and makeup, yes make up for water aerobics.  It was pretty funny today when the one “New Rich Lady’s nipple popped out.  LOL  Anyway I think it is so funny that even at 70+ these old ladies have cliques and that they talk shit about other old ladies.     

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