Birthday Wishes

They are still coming.  Yesterday I got wonderful cards from both Lisanne and Shannon!  Thank you girls so much.  I loved my cards!  I love getting cards and good Birthday Wishes.  I got like 22 Birthday cards and just as many Happy Birthday text messages!  Here are just a few of my cards!

Neti Pot

Have you ever heard of a Neti Pot?  Pete and i got one the other day after the fabulous Oprah told us about how great they were.  It has really helped with Pete’s allergies!  You stick the one side out your nose and pour water up there and it cleans you out.  It is a weird feeling, but cool at the same time. 

Pete is into pretty holistic remedies.  Being a Chiropractor it is the norm.  I have met tons of his Chiropractor friends and they are all a little bit on the non medical side.  I used to be a total medical girl.  I would run to the doctor with ever little sniffle.  Not any more.  I get adjusted and I don’t get sick.  Really I don’t.  I have not had an ear infection in the 3 years or so I have known Pete.  Before Pete I have atleast one a year that required antibiotics.  I like my body being medicine free.  If I get a headache I get adjusted and it goes away, if i am congested I get adjusted and it clears up.  Now if Pete isn’t around and I take a Motrin or something it works like with one or two instead of four like I used to take.  Not to mention my back always feels so good!